A veteran who lost both his arms and legs on the frontline organized a marathon in support of Ukraine's Armed Forces.

Veteran Serhiy Khrapko,
Veteran Serhiy Khrapko,
Maria Grynevych

Maria Grynevych

Updated: July 16 2022 at 08:25 am
Source: Socportal.info

Veteran Serhiy Khrapko, who lost an arm and a leg in 2015 after being shelled on the Svetlodar Bulge, organized a marathon in support of Ukraine's Armed Forces.

Despite having undergone approximately 20 operations, the man remains active in sports. He can run the marathon because of the prosthesis.

Sergey is raising funds on his Facebook page to purchase a diesel SUV for one of his units in eastern Ukraine.

Except for the sake of sport, what is all this running around for? So, I'm asking you to contribute to the purchase of a diesel SUV for a unit on the frontline. I NEED THIS CAR IMMEDIATELY, so I request maximum distribution and participation. When I add a card, I guarantee that it will be reported. I hope I don't saw off the last leg to the back... We will win together. Thank you very much. 5168757397382146 Khrapko Sergey Vladimirovich, - said the veteran.

Sergey walked two kilometers on July 12, four kilometers on July 14, and will walk six kilometers on July 16. The distance will gradually increase until the required amount is collected. 

In the video, you can see how people with disabilities survived the war, organized their own evacuation, and recovered from injuries.

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