Accurate strikes of the Armed Forces disabled the Kakhov bridge in the Kherson region - OK "South"

Photo: Operational Command "South"
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: August 10 2022 at 02:31 pm

Clear and accurate strikes by the Ukrainian military on the bridge in the area of ​​Kakhovskaya HPP in the occupied Kherson Oblast made it unfit for use by the Russian occupiers.

This was reported in the Operational Command "South".

According to Colonel Vladyslav Nazarov, well-targeted and effective strikes on the Kakhovsky Bridge are the result of the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the transport and logistics routes in the temporarily occupied territories.

Nazarov also noted that the hits were extremely accurate, but effective: now the enemy will not be able to use the bridge to move military equipment.

"Our fire control of transport and logistics routes in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region led to the confirmation of the status of the bridge in the area of ​​the Kakhovskaya HPP as unfit for use. The hitting is accurate, but effective," Nazarov said.

Why is this important?

The impossibility of the movement of the occupiers across the Kakhov bridge actually destroys the logistical routes of the Russian invaders in the Kherson region. After the Armed Forces disabled the Antonivskyi and Kakhovskyi bridges, pontoon crossings remained the only way for the occupiers to transfer equipment.

In addition, in order to disable the Kakhovsky bridge, the Ukrainian army had to demonstrate great precision and filigree. After all, the bridge is located not far from the dam and hydroelectric power station. However, the soldiers of the Armed Forces did not miss a beat, hitting the target accurately. Now it is much more difficult for the occupier to accumulate forces, ammunition and equipment on the Right Bank of the Kherson region.

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