Fighters of a separate 47th battalion showed how to destroy the Russian occupiers

The results of dropping a projectile from a drone by soldiers of the 47th separate battalion
The results of dropping a projectile from a drone by soldiers of the 47th separate battalion
© Photo: Frame from video
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 12 2022 at 03:41 pm

The troops of the 47th separate battalion showed how to eliminate the occupiers' personnel with the help of a drone.

The corresponding video was published by Valery Marcus in his telegram channel .

" Gentlemen, appreciate this wonderful short film, which we called" Salute "," he wrote.

The video shows the Ukrainian military detecting the occupiers' positions with the help of a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera.

Some of the occupiers are fleeing, apparently seeing a drone.

Several invaders remain in place.

Occupiers fleeing the position, June 2022 Video frame

Those who remained were hit by shells dropped from a drone.

Probably the military of a separate 47th battalion used a drone, which was converted into a strike.

Such drones can carry an explosive device, usually a grenade, which was converted into aviation ammunition.

A drone is dropped from a drone, June 2022 Video frame

As a result of the work of Ukrainian soldiers, at least three occupiers were killed.

The 47th Detached Motorized Infantry Battalion was established in May 2022. Volunteers from the Kyiv region were recruited to the battalion. Battalion Commander - Ivan Shalamaga. The senior sergeant is a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, writer and blogger Valery Markus.

We will remind, fighters of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade destroyed the tank of the Russian modification like T-90A.

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