How Russia hit high-rise residential buildings in Ukraine this year

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: July 31 2023 at 09:55 pm

In recent weeks, Russia has intensified its attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. Under the guise of "retaliatory strikes" on the military facilities of the Armed Forces, the occupiers hit ports, grain warehouses, and residential buildings.

On July 31, the Russian Federation attacked an educational institution and a nine-story building in Kryvyi Rih with two ballistic missiles. It is already known about 5 dead and more than 70 wounded . "Word and Deed" offers to mention other attacks on high-rise buildings by Russia, of which there have already been quite a few this year.

Shelling of high-rise buildings by Russia
Shelling of high-rise buildings by Russia -

The year began with the fact that on the afternoon of January 14, Russia destroyed the entrance of an apartment building in Dnipro with an Kh-22 cruise missile. 46 people died, including three children, 80 were injured.

According to the SBU, the military of the 52nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment, whose pilots also struck a shopping center in Kremenchuk, were involved in the attack.

The other day, on July 28, another residential building in Dnipro was attacked by the Russians - it was hit by an "Iskander" ballistic missile. Fortunately, there were no casualties, 10 people were injured. Along with the house, the empty SBU administration building was also damaged.

At the beginning of February, the occupiers hit a residential building in Kramatorsk with an "Iskander" - 4 people died and 14 were injured.

In March, Russia twice fired at residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia with S-300 air defense systems. On March 2, a rocket hit a five-story building, three floors collapsed - 13 dead were found under the rubble, 8 more people were injured.

On March 22, several high-rise buildings in the city were attacked at once - 2 people died and 34 were injured.

In Mykolaiv in April and July, they flew over residential buildings. One person was killed and 23 were injured as a result of the "Caliber" strike. This month, 2 people died and 19 were injured in an Iskander attack.

On the morning of April 28, Russian troops launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine: civilian objects and residential buildings in Uman, Dnipro, and Ukrainka were hit. The most tragic consequences were in Uman, where two rockets hit a nine-story building - the entire entrance was destroyed, and a fire broke out in the building. As a result, 23 people died, 6 of them children, and another 18 were injured.

The house was hit by Kh-101 and Kh-555 missiles. As in the case of the terrorist attack in Dnipro, the Russian Ministry of Defense also mocked the incident: a photo with a missile launcher and the inscription "On target" was published on the Telegram channel. The representative of the Ministry of Defense stated that the strike was carried out "at the deployment points of the Armed Forces reserves."

On June 9, residential buildings in Odesa were damaged during the attack of the Shaheds. 4 people died, another 27 were injured.

In Kyiv, on the night of June 24, fragments of a Russian Kh-101 missile hit a high-rise building in the Solomyansky district. 5 people died under the rubble, 11 were injured.

On July 5, the occupiers attacked the residential area of ​​Pervomaisky in Kharkiv region with rockets: no one was killed, but more than 40 people were injured.

A large-scale rocket attack on Lviv was carried out on July 6: a critical infrastructure object was damaged, and an apartment building was partially destroyed. 10 people died, another 45 were injured.

Kryvyi Rih is not the first to suffer from Russian missiles. On June 13, the Russians also hit a residential building with an Kh-101 missile.

Attack on Kryvyi Rih: already 6 dead and 75 wounded


As a result of a Russian missile attack on Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk Region on July 31, 6 people, including a child, were killed and 75 people were injured.

Source : President Volodymyr Zelenskyi in Telegram , Chairman of the Kryvyi Rih Defense Council Oleksandr Vilkul in Telegram , Head of Dnipropetrovsk OVA Serhiy Lysak in Telegram

Zelenskyi's direct speech : "As of now, we know of five dead, among them a child and her mother. My condolences to the relatives. Dozens of people are injured and traumatized, all of them are receiving the necessary help."

Details : According to the president, two ballistic missiles had previously hit.

The rescue operation is currently underway - the fourth to ninth floors of the residential building have been completely destroyed. Parts of the structure were falling in the destroyed entrance of the house.

Zelenskyi also said that the terrorists targeted the university building and the administration building.

More than 350 people were involved in the rescue operation. "I thank everyone who saves lives and helps people!" - noted Zelensky.

Later, the head of the Kryvyi Rih Defense Council, Oleksandr Vilkul, reported that the number of wounded had increased to 73 people, including 8 children. There are 22 wounded people in hospitals, including two children. Two people are in serious condition.

According to him, the Day of Mourning has been announced in Kryvyi Rih on August 1.

Updated at 5:55 p.m .: Head of Dnipropetrovsk OVA Serhii Lysak reported that the number of dead has increased to 6 people, the number of injured has also increased - currently 75. Of the 22 hospitalized, two are serious.

What happened before : On the morning of July 31, the Russians attacked Kryvyi Rih with two ballistic missiles: one hit a residential high-rise building, the other hit an educational institution, killing four residents, including a child. They are looking for people under the rubble.

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