In Russia, a military transport plane IL-76 crashed

Crashed Russian IL-76, June 2022
Crashed Russian IL-76, June 2022
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: June 24 2022 at 12:37 pm

A Russian IL-76 military transport plane was en route to Belgorod and crashed near Ryazan on Friday morning, June 24.

This was reported by local media with reference to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The plane was going from Orenburg to Belgorod, and in Ryazan had to refuel.

According to preliminary data, four people died.

"In the Ryazan region made a" hard landing "military transport aircraft IL-76. During the training flight without cargo due to the detected engine malfunction, the crew decided to land on the ground, "- said in a media statement.

It is reported that the plane "partially crashed" in a collision with the ground.

According to Russian sources, there were 10 people on board.

A military transport plane crashed in a field near Mykhailivsky Highway, not far from residential buildings.

Fire after the fall of the Russian IL-76, June 2022

The fire started after the accident, but it was completely extinguished. The plane damaged power lines during the crash. There is no destruction on the ground due to the crash of the IL-76.

The IL-76 is a Soviet / Russian medium-sized military transport aircraft developed by the Ilyushin Design Bureau.

Plane IL-76. Photo: from open sources

It is designed for transportation and landing of personnel, equipment and cargo for various purposes. The aircraft is designed for operation from concrete and ground aerodromes.

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