In the Kherson region, the Ukrainian military seized a modernized infantry fighting vehicle

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: September 09 2022 at 05:54 pm

The Ukrainian military seized a modernized BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicle of the occupation forces of the Russian Federation.

The car was captured during the counteroffensive in the Kherson region. A photo of the BMP was published on the social network.

The main feature of the updated Russian vehicle is the B05Ya01 Berezhok combat module.

This is a classic BMP-2 turret, but with an improved weapon system.

Instead of the main gunner's sight BPK-2-42, it has a combined sight with an independent system for stabilizing the line of sight in two planes.

The sighting system combines a sighting optical, thermal imaging and laser rangefinding channel, as well as a guided anti-tank missile guidance channel.

The main armament is a 30-mm cannon, designed to combat enemy vehicles and infantry.

A 30-mm AG-30M automatic grenade launcher with an independent vertical guidance drive and a total ammunition load of 300 rounds is installed in the aft part of the turret.

Anti-tank guided missiles "Kornet" are located on the twin launchers of the BMP tower. They can be guided while moving and behind the laser beam. The launch interval of these missiles is up to two seconds.

At the same time, non-modernized "classic" Soviet BMP-2s have Fagot or Konkurs anti-tank missiles. These complexes can conduct single firing from a place, and the crew needs to manually remove containers with missiles for installation before launch.

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