Odessa marines destroyed a camouflaged Russian T-72 tank from the Stugna (VIDEO)

Photo: facebook.com/35obrmp
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: August 01 2022 at 02:16 pm
Source: shotam.info

Fighters of the 35th separate brigade of the marines destroyed another tank of the Russian occupiers, targeting it with the domestic anti-tank missile "Stugna".

This was reported on the Facebook page of the brigade.

According to the military, the invaders tried to disguise the T-72 tank, but the marines not only discovered it, but also turned the enemy equipment into scrap metal.

"Russian soldiers disguised their T-72 tank. They hoped that no one would notice him. And the marines not only saw the enemy's equipment, but also disabled it with the help of the "Stugna-P" ATGM. As a result, minus one enemy tank. And one more step to our victory," the brigade said.

About "Stugna"

"Stugna-P" is a second-generation Ukrainian anti-tank missile complex (ATGM). Developed by the Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch". The complex is semi-automatic, with a laser beam guidance system. The complex can fire missiles of caliber 130 or 152 mm with various warheads installed in the container.

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