Oleksandr Ponomaryev, a current People's Deputy of Ukraine, was suspected of treason

Oleksandr Ponomarev
Oleksandr Ponomarev
© Photo: SBU
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: July 24 2023 at 01:18 pm
Source: slovoidilo.ua

The OPZZ deputy was charged with treason

The Security Service of Ukraine and the SBU have exposed Oleksandr Ponomarev , a current People's Deputy of Ukraine from the banned pro-Russian party OPZZH, for cooperation with the Russian Federation .

It turned out that during the full-scale invasion of Russia, the people's deputy, being in the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhia region, voluntarily cooperated with the Kremlin.

In particular, he re-registered the enterprises under his control under Russian law, opened accounts in local "branches" of banking institutions of the Russian Federation, and also organized the production of material assets and their transfer to the Russian occupation forces.

"According to the available information, the factories of the person involved supplied fuel and lubricants for military equipment of the Russian Federation and provided equipment for equipping enemy fortifications ," the report said.

The SBU learned that when the people's deputy left for Kyiv, he continued to coordinate enterprises that help the enemy in the war against Ukraine.

Security forces found electronic media in the people's deputy containing confirmation of Russian aid.

It should be noted that the SBU does not name the deputy, but judging by the photo, it is Oleksandr Ponomarev.

He has already been informed of the suspicion under part 1 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code (treason). The issue of selecting a preventive measure is being resolved. MP Ponomaryov faces up to 15 years in prison.

Oleksandr Ponomarev , a current People's Deputy of Ukraine
Oleksandr Ponomarev , a current People's Deputy of Ukraine

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