Russian sentiment until May 9: the parade is "shameful", there are no prospects, it is difficult to work due to sanctions

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: May 09 2022 at 07:42 pm

After experiencing all the economic troubles and military setbacks, most Russian citizens decided that Ukraine was to blame for this - because it had put up fierce resistance to the occupiers. So now the Russians do not have a parade of victory, but a parade of shame!

This is evidenced by new telephone conversations of the invaders, who managed to intercept the SBU.

“I don't know what this parade is for? Do you need it? It's a shame it's all… It hurts… but for some reason he decided to spend. Everyone is not in the mood… Debilism is complete. All the drooping go, sad… Well, most people. They understand that the work is tight now, with these sanctions. In short, he * not one. Prices for everything have risen… "- sums up the" peaceful "Russian woman.

Russian propaganda has given her clear causal links, and now the woman sincerely believes that Ukrainians should be exterminated.

Fry kebabs, yes? Make these kebabs out of "khokhlyatsky"! Beat these bastards! Beat them all for barbecue! Years! I was calm, and now I hate the beginning! After all they do, reptiles! ” - advises the mother to her son-occupier.

It is unlikely that she will ever realize that Russia was the first to disgrace itself in this war and continues to do so…

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