Statement of the "Azov" regiment regarding the terrorist attack against the daughter of the Russian propagandist Dugin

© Photo: Serhii Chuzavkov
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: August 22 2022 at 07:18 pm

The woman whose name and military ID was published by the FSB in its report on the investigation of the terrorist attack against the daughter of the Russian propagandist Dugin has nothing to do with the "Azov" regiment and never belonged to our unit.

The so-called document, with which the Russian special services are trying to prove the involvement of "Azov" in blowing up Daryna Dugina's car, is actually nothing more than another "business card" of Yarosh. And the terrorist attack itself is a preparation for the "tribunal" over the people of Azov. After all, in this way, Russia warms up the public opinion of its citizens regarding the "necessity" of such a court.

We categorically condemn this illegal trial of the Ukrainian military and call on everyone who has the power to stop it, to do everything possible so that the so-called "tribunal" does not take place.

"Show trial" over the Ukrainian hostages from "Azovstal" is the number one topic of propagandists

Propaganda of the Russian Federation spreads the statement of the leader of the terrorists from the ORDO, D. Pushylin, regarding the preparation for the show "court" of the captured defenders of "Azovstal". The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine tells about the main messages of this information operation of the enemy .

What propagandists talk about:

  1. Iron cages are mounted on the stage of the Mariupol Chamber Philharmonic.
  2. Cells are being installed in the basement of the building to hold Ukrainian defenders.
  3. Prepared "materials and witnesses of 80 episodes of crimes" of prisoners of war.
  4. Several countries and international figures have previously agreed to participate in the "international tribunal".

The propagandists are also ironic about > the address of the President of Ukraine : "if the Russians do hold a show trial of Ukrainian prisoners in Mariupol, it will be the line along which any negotiations with the Russian Federation are impossible."

"The cynical demonstration lynching of the defenders of Ukraine contradicts the generally recognized international laws on the treatment of prisoners of war and has an exclusively terrorist and propaganda purpose," says the message of the Central Committee of the National Security Service of Ukraine.

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