The marines showed the assault on the village on tanks and Turkish "Kirpi" (VIDEO)

The Ukrainian marines demonstrated the assault on Russian positions in one of the occupied villages.

The video with the work of the Ukrainian military was published by the Command of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the assault, the Ukrainian marines used tanks and Turkish Kirpi armored vehicles.

Turkish "Kirpi" play the role of BMP infantry fighting vehicles in combat.

In August this year, the Turkish government handed over 50 Kirpi armored vehicles to Ukraine.

The supply of armored vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the result of a government agreement, and not an agreement between Ukraine and the company that produces these armored vehicles.

"Kirpi" has a single-body armored cab with four bulletproof windows and cushioned seats.

The engine is located in front of the Kirpi armored vehicle, and the crew is located in the middle part. The troop compartment stretches from the center to the rear of the hull.

The vehicle is equipped with anti-mine and blast-resistant seats, Kirpi 4 × 4 is able to accommodate up to 13 personnel, including the driver, machine gunner and commander.

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