The military of Ukraine installed a jet system on the chassis "Unimog"

122-mm MLRS on the chassis
122-mm MLRS on the chassis "Unimog" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. June 2022
©  Video frame from Ukraine Weapons Tracker
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 18 2022 at 09:44 pm

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use their own modernized multiple rocket launchers in combat.

One such modernized jet system was demonstrated by analysts from Ukraine Weapons Tracker.

The launcher was mounted on a Unimog chassis.

The Unimog family of multifunctional all-wheel drive medium-duty trucks is manufactured by Daimler Truck, a division of Daimler AG under the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Along with the German army, Unimog is used by many different armies, including Ukraine.

The machines are used as armored personnel carriers, medical aid vehicles and mobile command centers equipped with radio communication (radio stations).

Unimog machine. Photos from open sources

Ukraine is not the first country to use Unimog for multiple rocket launchers. For example, the Argentine SLAM Pampero MRL had 16 rails on the Unimog chassis.

Ukrainian MLRS on the Unimog chassis received four guides for launching 122-mm missiles from BM-21 "Hail".

The modernized Ukrainian MLRS must be mobile, fire quickly and change position.

122-mm MLRS on the chassis "Unimog" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. June 2022. Video frame from Ukraine Weapons Tracker

In March 2022, ambulances based on Unimog were handed over to Ukraine.

Immediately 50 cars became part of the humanitarian aid of the European Union.

Unimog ambulances for Ukraine. March 2022. Photo: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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