There was no air show at the parade in Russia… for the "doomsday" plane IL-80 the weather is "not flying"

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: May 09 2022 at 08:01 pm
Source: Dmitry Gorbunov

Russia's catastrophic economic downturn has led to radical changes in the "main event of the year" - a parade in honor of May 9. Yes, everyone present noticed the significantly shortened program of the event. What was most striking was the lack of the most expensive budget item - the air part of the parade. That is, there were no military aircraft at all, as was done for decades before. The lack of traditional pathos and thoughtless spending of money in Moscow was explained by bad weather. Although ordinary people for some reason did not notice any threatening accumulation of clouds in the sky. Of course, such explanations of the Kremlin are another lie, which, as a team, was equally spread by Russian propagandists. After all, when the conditions were really bad in recent years, the Muscovites lifted dozens of planes into the sky for several hours. This was done to disperse the clouds and, literally, throw a lot of money to the wind.

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council, in 2020, in order not to spoil the "parade", Russia has spent more than 540 million rubles on "dispersal of clouds". A year later, this amount was 417 million rubles.

- The story of "bad weather" is just a manipulation, because for Russia to spend 500 million rubles on Putin's sacred date is not a problem. Especially considering that, according to various estimates, every day Russia spends from $ 500 million to $ 20 billion on a "special operation" with Ukraine, the Center for Counteracting Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council said.

Instead, according to the InformNapalm team, one of the reasons for the cancellation of the aviation part of the parade could be the malfunction of the plane of the so-called doomsday - IL-80. Also, in some way, this was facilitated by the destruction of a large number of the latest combat aircraft and helicopters by the Ukrainian air defense.

As you can see, the holiday was ruined by Kremlin leaders. There were not enough planes and money for the pathetic events, and this was at a time when they lost more than 25,500 people in two months.

Prepared by Dmitry Gorbunov

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