Ukrainian artillery burned Russian Acacia self-propelled guns in Kharkiv region (VIDEO)

Artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian self-propelled gun "Acacia" together with the crew in the Kharkov region.

This was reported on the Facebook page of the Eastern Operational-Territorial Association of NSU.

According to the military, the air reconnaissance of the National Guard noticed the enemy self-propelled guns during the performance of tasks in counter-battery combat.

After the target was located, the National Guardsmen transmitted data on the location of the Akatsiya to fellow artillerymen. As a result - minus self-propelled guns, crew and ammunition.

“Air reconnaissance of the National Guard, as part of counter-battery measures, found a target, corrected the fire of artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and recorded the result of their virtuoso work. Recall that the ACS 2S3 "Acacia" has a caliber of 152 mm, as well as a calculation of four crew members. It has an effective firing range of 20 km,” the NGU said in a statement.

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