Ukrainian Drones Sink Russian Missile Boat 'Ivanovets'

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: February 04 2024 at 01:07 pm
Source: Ukrainian Intelligence

Successful Operation by Ukrainian Intelligence

As a result of a series of direct hits to the hull, the Russian ship 'Ivanovets' sustained damages that rendered it incapable of further movement. This operation was carried out by the Main Intelligence Directorate and resulted in the destruction and sinking of the Russian missile boat 'Ivanovets', part of project 12411.

This information was reported by the press service of the department.

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Special Forces 'Group 13' in Action 

On the night of January 31 to February 1, 2024, soldiers of the special unit 'Group 13' of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine destroyed the Russian missile boat 'Ivanovets' of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

Location and Attack Details 

The Russian ship, part of project 12411, was located at the roadstead of Lake Donuzlav in the temporarily occupied Crimea when it was attacked by sea drones. The series of direct hits to the hull led to significant damage to the Russian ship, causing it to list to the stern and eventually sink. Footage shows that after the impact of one drone, several subsequent hits targeted the same area, significantly enlarging the hole in the hull. Another successful hit is believed to have struck the stern part of the vessel.

Rescue Operation Unsuccessful 

According to information from the Main Intelligence Directorate, the search and rescue operation by the Russian occupiers at Donuzlav did not achieve success, based on preliminary information.

Russian ship Ivanovets
Russian ship 'Ivanovets'

Destruction of the Missile Boat "Ivanovets": Exact Location of the Attack Revealed – Photo

A recent report from the monitoring group "Crimean Wind" has revealed the precise location of the attack on the Russian missile boat "Ivanovets". OSINT researchers identified the coordinates of the observation point, namely the drone that captured the footage, as well as the azimuth to "Ivanovets".

report from the monitoring group "Crimean Wind"
report from the monitoring group "Crimean Wind"

The coordinates are 45.3106, 32.8153, located west of Lake Donuzlav, approximately 13.5 km from the entrance to the bay.

It's worth noting, as per the Main Intelligence Directorate, that "Ivanovets" was a pride of the Russian fleet, with only three such boats in existence.

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