Ukrainian gunners destroyed two Russian self-propelled guns "MSTA-S"

Gunners of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed two Russian
Gunners of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed two Russian "MSTA-S"
© Photo: video screenshot
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: July 19 2022 at 08:20 am

Artillerymen of the Airborne Assault Forces and Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy self-propelled howitzers 2C19 "MSTA-S".

This was reported in the Command of Airborne Assault Troops.

The message emphasized that the artillery of the Defense Forces of Ukraine determines the priority targets for destruction.

"The hunt for the enemy's priority targets continues! We continue to carry out combat missions and destroy the enemies of Ukraine! ", the report says.

The video shows the MSTA-S gun and boxes with ammunition next to it.

Artillery fire is adjusted from a drone. After several shots, a Russian howitzer can be seen burning.

The military continued surveillance from the drone and recorded the detonation of the cannon.

The ammunition that was nearby probably also exploded.

The moment of detonation of the "MSTA-S" cannon, July 2022. Shot from the video of the Defense Ministry

The video also recorded hitting another cannon, which was hidden in a forest.

Russian "MSTA-S" cannon shot down, July 2022 Shot from the video of the DSHV

In the message of the command of the airborne assault troops, it was noted that the Ukrainian troops managed to destroy two enemy self-propelled guns.

Russian cannon recorded from a drone, July 2022 Frame from the DSHV video

The 152-mm divisional self-propelled howitzer 2C19 "Msta-S" is designed for the destruction of artillery and mortar batteries, tanks and other armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, manpower, air defense and anti-aircraft weapons, control points, and also for the destruction of field fortifications.

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