Ukrainians are our mobilization resource in the future war with NATO

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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: January 20 2024 at 08:19 pm
Source: Denis Kazanskyi

Russian propagandists openly admit that Ukrainians are needed by Russia solely as expendable material and cannon fodder for the future war with NATO. Specifically, this was quite candidly stated by the former Minister of Information of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Daniil Bessonov, who, as is evident from the title of his position, was responsible for brainwashing the population in the occupied territories of Donbas.

Bessonov directly called Ukrainians a mobilization resource necessary for Russia for the future war with NATO. It would be good for Ukrainians to realize this sooner - they are our mobilization resource in the future war with NATO. But this is objectively true, and it is an experienced mobilization resource at the moment. As we see, the propagandists don't even hide why Ukraine is needed by Russia. Why does Moscow need Ukrainians? Certainly not to protect or liberate anyone. Of course not. On the contrary, they simply need expendable material; Ukrainians are needed as fuel for the future war, which these half-crazed fanatics are already dreaming of unleashing. 

The war hasn't even ended yet, but they are already dreaming about the next one, openly broadcasting this, and it's a very important admission indeed. It's important because it dispels the last illusions if anyone still had them, if anyone hoped that, you know, let's say we surrender to Russia so that at least people don't die, that a bad peace is better than war, that finally everything will end. Well, it won't end, look, these very Russian propagandists and ideologists of this war, they directly say that no, it won't end, on the contrary, it will only begin. Because as soon as Russia finishes the war with Ukraine, it will unleash the next war, in which Ukrainians are intended to be used as expendable material, as a mobilization resource instead of themselves. 

The same thing, exactly, that they did in Donbas in 2022. 

Remember then too, many residents of Donbas, supporters of Russia, were happy when Putin recognized the DPR, so-called, when he sent troops into Ukraine, shouting, "Finally, now everything will end, this war that lasted 8 years." But what happened? 

On the contrary, a new, much more terrible meat grinder began, in which the residents of Donbas became the main expendable material, where tens of thousands of people were simply caught on the streets without any training and sent into local assaults mercilessly, without any concern about what will happen to them and what fate awaits them. The same thing they now dream of doing on the scale of the whole of Ukraine, openly talking about it in their streams, but it is very important for Europe to see and understand this. Yes, what plans Russia is making and how important it is to counteract them now. It's very important for Europeans to finally realize that a clash with Russia is inevitable. That is, if Russia captures Ukraine and they already use Ukrainians as a mobilization resource, there will still be a clash with NATO. 

Therefore, it's cheaper really now, even to the point of introducing some limited contingents of their troops into Ukraine, to introduce as much equipment and weapons as possible, and now to repel Russia's attack until Ukrainians have become this mobilization resource in the war with NATO. And you see, Russians, they shouldn't be taken lightly, yes, not frivolously, as if some clowns are blabbering. No, these very same people, for years, have been propagandizing the war with Ukraine, preparing Russian society for it with such statements. Yes, and we laughed at them, many talked about them, said it's not serious, they're clowns, what they say is nonsense, but everything they called for, all their calls, everything they called for has come true. Now they talk about the war with NATO, and to many, it seems like nonsense, but no, they are voicing the script, they are voicing the script to prepare the Russian population for this future war with Europe. And Europe should not take this lightly but should react right now. 

Therefore, it's important, of course, to translate all these statements into other languages, into English, into other European languages, and to distribute them as widely as possible so that people everywhere in the world hear, understand, know what Russian Propaganda is calling for today, what it is preparing Russia for. Please note that this translation is intended to convey the essence of the original Russian text. The original tone, nuances, and cultural context might be partially lost in translation.

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