Vladimir Putin became a laughingstock. Tucker Carlson had to explain what he said

Vladimir Putin recently gave an interview to Tucker Carlson
Vladimir Putin recently gave an interview to Tucker Carlson
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: February 10 2024 at 03:12 pm

Greetings, friends. As you know, Vladimir Putin recently gave an interview to Tucker Carlson, wanting to appear as a wise grandfather. However, nobody listened, and it all turned out as usual; he reduced everything to his favorite topic. Meanwhile, Russian television claims that Americans are thrilled with this interview, while ordinary users' comments are mostly enthusiastic about what Vladimir Putin discussed, contradicting Western propaganda about the WAR in Ukraine.

Even Russians mock Vladimir Putin; they themselves edited this video. Throughout the more than two-hour interview, Vladimir Putin managed to explain why he started the war against Ukraine. Most Americans have no idea why Putin invaded Ukraine or what his goals are now; they have never heard his voice. This is wrong; it's a disease, a serious illness.

Check if you're subscribed to my channel, if not, do it right now, hit like on this video, leave any comment below, and let's discuss this interview in detail. It's obviously aimed at an American audience and actually acts against the United States. Starting with Tucker Carlson himself, he's a Trump supporter hoping to become Vice President of the United States and supports Russia and Vladimir Putin, as he has publicly stated before.

"Why should I care about what's happening in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? Seriously, why does it bother me? And why shouldn't I root for Russia, which I am doing? Why should I hate Putin?" But when he came to Moscow, he stated that he does not love Vladimir Putin; he loves America. "We're not here because we love Vladimir Putin. We're here because we love the United States and want it to remain prosperous and free."

Vladimir Putin started the interview with a question about why the war between so-called Russia and Ukraine is happening, and Vladimir Putin began to answer by inviting Prince Rurik from Scandinavia, from the Varangians, in 862. Since then, the centralized Russian state began to strengthen, with the historian responsibly stating that the history of so-called Russia began when Kievan Rus was formed, only Kyiv is Ukraine, and there were swamps in Moscow then.

Regarding Ukraine itself, Vladimir Putin says it never existed and was invented either in the Austrian general staff or in Stalin's head. "The Austrian general staff very actively began to promote the idea of Ukraine and Ukrainization, obviously for what. Ukraine, in a certain sense, is an artificial state created by Stalin's will."

Vladimir Putin contradicts the historian Vladimir Putin, who said it was not Stalin but Lenin who made Ukraine. "How did Ukraine come together, who created it? Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich." Actually, Vladimir Putin constantly repeats that neither Ukrainians nor Ukraine ever existed; it's a banal justification for genocide.

Vladimir Putin also denied his propaganda about the United States planning to attack so-called Russia, and therefore, so-called Russia is waging war against Ukraine. "Do you think America could have launched a surprise attack on Russia? How did you come to that conclusion? It's not that America was going to strike Russia unexpectedly. I never said that."

Of course, he never said that, especially in December 2021; he definitely couldn't have said that. "The US doesn't have hypersonic weapons yet, but we know when it will appear. Well, it can't be hidden. Well, and they will put it in Ukraine, yes, hypersonic weapons, and then under its cover, they don't know what they will use tomorrow because we already have Zircon, and they still don't."

Further, it became much more interesting. Explaining why so-called Russia attacked Ukraine, Vladimir Putin began to cite examples regarding Hitler and Poland. "But demanded that Poland give back to Germany the so-called Danzig Corridor, Hitler begged them to give it back peacefully, the Poles refused, but nevertheless cooperated with Hitler and engaged in the division of Czechoslovakia." Probably not even understanding himself, Vladimir Putin compared himself with Adolf Hitler.

"Imagine if they had given part of Poland to Hitler. Then Hitler would not have attacked." "You're talking about Hitler? He's been gone for so many years. Yes, 80 years, but his work lives on. Hitler was personally very brave, two Iron Crosses, yes, he fought and fought honorably."

The interview highlights the delusion when explaining why he is waging war against Ukraine, saying that Volodymyr Zelensky's father, born in 1947, after World War II, participated in World War II before he was born. "What are you doing? Why are you supporting these neo-Nazis in Ukraine when your father fought against fascism? He was a front-line soldier."

"Think about it, Zelensky's father fought even before he was born, and who hasn't? I even heard he was in Shushkevich's team, well-known faces like Bandera, Shushkevich." In summary, according to Vladimir Putin's story, so-called Russia attacked Ukraine because of Rurik, because of the Nazis, because of Shushkevich, Zelensky's father, and thus, Vladimir Putin was forced to protect everyone.

"Think about it, Zelensky's father fought even before he was born, and it happens. I even heard he was in Shukhevych's team, where well-known faces like Bandera and Shukhevych stood. In short, summarizing Vladimir Putin's story, so-called Russia attacked Ukraine because of Rurik, because of the Nazis, because of the Shukhevych, and therefore Vladimir Putin was forced to protect everyone. And we are protecting our people, ourselves, our homeland, and our future. Last night, Russian bastards killed seven people in Kharkiv, among them three were children; one child was not even a year old. This is how, according to Vladimir Putin, protection looks like. 

Vladimir Putin also answered whether he plans to protect Poland in the same way, saying no, such plans can't even exist. Can you imagine a scenario when you would send Russian troops to Poland? Only in one case if there's an attack from Poland on Russia. Therefore, why? Because we have no interest in Poland, Latvia, anywhere. Why do we need this? We simply have no interest or threats. Clearly, we believe Vladimir Putin always keeps his word. 

Vladimir Putin is the master of his word; he gives it, and he takes it back. When Vladimir Putin promises not to attack, that's exactly what happens. Crimea is not a disputed territory, and Russia has long recognized the borders of today's Ukraine. 

Vladimir Putin again clearly stated there are no Russian troops in the southeast of the country, and war between our two countries is fundamentally impossible. 

Why? Because there's no reason to think that so-called Russia could attack Poland since Vladimir Putin has already promised. And the fact that he threatens Poland along with Russian propagandists, well, that should not be taken seriously. 

The western territories of today's Poland are a gift from Stalin to the Poles, our friends in Warsaw have forgotten about this, we will remind them. If only military-technical methods are left, then as an option, the Polish airfield in Jeshov, which is becoming an increasingly obvious main transshipment base for Western weapons for Ukraine, of course, when analyzing this interview, we must consider that it is primarily aimed at an American audience. 

And during this interview, Vladimir Putin indeed conveyed his main message, apart from him being supposedly peace-loving and not planning to attack anyone, he also wants negotiations and freezing the Russian-Ukrainian war. Vladimir Putin needs it, not to attack Poland or the Baltic countries, don't even think about it. From the stream of nonsense that Vladimir Putin carried throughout the interview, even Tucker Carlson was stunned. 

It was clearly visible on his face, but even after the interview, he himself admitted it. In the end, for Americans to understand anything from what Vladimir Putin said, Tucker Carlson had to give his own explanations after the interview, how he sees it. Russia is not an expansionist state, sorry, it's not even worth talking about, to make us give up the conquests we have made over the last year and a half. 

Tucker Carlson could have not gone to Vladimir Putin and not taken this interview because he still had to promote the main theses of Russian propaganda. 

He also stated that Crimea is part of so-called Russia and Vladimir Putin will wage a nuclear war if Crimea is attacked. It must be said that the interview had some effect on the American audience, but there is a but, it resonated positively only among some Trump supporters who were already set against Ukraine. And most importantly, Vladimir Putin himself explained what Americans need to do so that they don't have to fight directly against so-called Russia, which of course will not attack anyone, to continue pounding Russia, trying to break it down further, to create several quasi-state formations on this territory. 

So far, we don't have working tools to destroy so-called Russia, but we have some other good developments, for example, a new Ukrainian development, the Kamikaze drone, which flies much further than the usual FPV and delivers to the Russians' heads - 4 kilograms of explosive gifts. We are currently collecting 20 million hryvnias to purchase at least 45 such complexes that will create serious and deep problems for Russian invaders. Join us, the link to the collection is in the description of this video, and in the meantime, another hundred FPVs have been handed over to the front from you, we all greet the Maran team, I want to thank the community of Serhiy Prytula for handing over 100 drones to us, specifically 50 Rus-cutters and 50 Mammoths, also endless thanks for handing over powerful fragmentation ammunition. 

Your donations, and I remind you that there are no small ones, they not only help the Ukrainian army, they not only save the Ukrainian soldier and destroy the Russian invaders, they change the war, so join in, help the Ukrainian defense forces."

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