Armed Forces hit the occupiers of the Ukrainian MLRS "Storm" (VIDEO)

MLRS Storm
MLRS Storm
© Photo: 72 OMBr them. Black Cossacks.
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 21 2022 at 11:06 pm

Units of the Ukrainian jet artillery struck at the enemy's positions from the modernized "Storm" multiple rocket launcher.

This was reported by the publication "Military".

Video of the work of the Ukrainian MLRS was published online. This is probably the first fixation of the work of the updated jet system, which operates at the front and inflicts losses on the occupying forces of Russia.

Prior to this use of modernized MLRS "Storm" were not recorded.

In early June , a video of this jet system on the Tatra chassis in the field, but without a demonstration of combat operations, appeared on social networks.

About MLRS "Storm"

According to Defense Express, externally this system is similar to MLRS "Hurricane", which is "transplanted" on the chassis Tatra T815-7 in 8x8 wheel formula. However, the Ukrainian "Storm" differs from the Soviet "Hurricane" primarily in its "stuffing", in particular the digital fire control system, which allows you to receive targets from reconnaissance and strike drones.

Also - the ability to use rockets with increased range up to 65 km firing range, which CB "Southern" developed under the program "Typhoon-2".

It is known that the Tatra T815-7 chassis is equipped with an armored cabin that provides protection and ergonomics of workplaces for the crew. The T815-7 chassis in 8x8 wheel formula has a load capacity of up to 24.5 tons, is equipped with an autonomous power unit and can tow other machines.

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