Attack on Vinnytsia: Russians hit offices, 50 cars burned, 12 killed

Attack on Vinnytsia
Attack on Vinnytsia
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Alina Kuleba

Alina Kuleba

Published: July 14 2022 at 12:54 pm

At least 12 people, including a small child, were killed as a result of Russian rocket attacks on Vinnytsia in the morning of July 14.

According to preliminary data, 3 Russian rockets hit the building with office premises. The Officers' House and nearby residential buildings were also damaged by the blows.

Russian rockets hit a building with office space.

The Officers' House and nearby residential buildings were also damaged by the blows.

This was reported by the head of the National Police of Ukraine, Ihor Klymenko.

The head of the Vinnytsia region, Serhiy Borzov, confirmed at 11:20 a.m.: "We have an arrival in Vinnytsia. There are dead and wounded. The number is being clarified."
A fire broke out at the landing site, the fire spread to the parking lot. About 50 cars were on fire. Rescuers are working on the spot.

The President's office reacted to the Russian missile attack on Vinnytsia. There they call it another terrorist act.

This was emphasized by the head of the Office of the President, Andriy Yermak. He emphasized the need to recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism.

Andriy Yermak emphasized that the occupiers only increased the list of their war crimes with the missile attack on Vinnytsia. This attack added to the list of previous attacks, including the shopping center in Kremenchuk. Therefore, Russia should be recognized by the world as a terrorist country.

According to the State Emergency Service, as of 12:15 p.m., 12 dead and 25 wounded are known.

Klymenko sent a specialized investigative and operational group of the Main Investigative Department of the National Police and a forensic laboratory to Vinnytsia.

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