"Dying in terrible torment": "Azov" asks Zelensky to save wounded fighters from "Azovstal"

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 05 2022 at 04:00 pm
Source: myukraineis.org

"Give the opportunity to take away the bodies of soldiers so that Ukrainians can say goodbye to their heroes," Palamar said.

The Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment, Captain Sviatoslav Palamar, calls on the President of Ukraine Vololymyr Zelensky to help with the immediate evacuation of wounded servicemen who are in the shelters of the Azovstal plant.

"I personally appeal to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to take care of the wounded soldiers who are dying in terrible agony from improper treatment. Give the opportunity to pick up the bodies of soldiers so that Ukrainians can say goodbye to their heroes. Respond appropriately to a critical situation in which the enemy does not adhere to any ethical norms, conventions or laws, destroying people in front of the world, guided by permissiveness and impunity, "he said.

Palamar also called on the world community to help continue the evacuation of civilians in the shelters of the Azovstal plant.

On May 4, Mariupol city authorities reported losing contact with the Ukrainian military defending Azovstal.

Later, in a comment to Radio Svoboda, the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the talks with Russia, David Arahamiya, said that as of the evening of May 4, the Ukrainian authorities had ties to the defenders of Mariupol, and the Russian military broke into the company.

In the evening of May 4, Azov confirmed that the situation at Azovstal in Mariupol is extremely difficult, heavy fighting continues, but the Ukrainian military continues to defend itself.

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