In Sumy region, a mother of two children died during a shooting, covering her sons: what is known about the tragedy

Anna Satanina
Anna Satanina
© Photo: facebook Anna Satanina
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: February 06 2023 at 12:12 pm

Russian troops continue shelling Ukrainian settlements in the Sumy region, which are close to the border. For example, they recently shelled the village of Kucherivka for half an hour, firing 30 Grad missiles at it. As a result, a young mother of two children and her father were killed. The woman's grandmother and husband were seriously wounded. The adults actually covered two small children with themselves.

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They wanted to hide in another basement

Russian soldiers started shelling the village of Kucherivka on January 23 in the afternoon. Residents recall that at first the arrivals of shells were rare, and then the situation worsened.

"Shells were flying, something was constantly exploding, rumbling. Those who had time - hid in the basement, those who didn't - in their homes. It was very scary," recalls Valentina, a local resident.

Anna Satanina
Photo: facebook Anna Satanina

The family of 20-year-old mother of two, Anna Satanina, first hid in their basement. Along with Anna were her parents, her husband Oleg, four-year-old Alexei, and Nazar, who is only one year old.

When shells started coming in more often, the adults realized that their old basement would not be able to protect them. So they decided to run over to a neighbor's house, where the shelter was more solid.

The family had just gone upstairs, the grandmother took the youngest grandson in her arms, and they began to run when a shell landed. It exploded right next to Anya.

"The grandmother managed to put her arms around the children, but the shell tore off one of her arms. Anya died on the spot, her father was still alive and taken to hospital, but he died two days later. Oleg was badly injured, he literally threw up part of his hip and has already had three operations," said a good acquaintance of Anna.

Anna Satanina
Anna Satanina

Anna Satanina Studying to be a nurse.

The young mother and her father were buried side by side in the local cemetery. Nazar and Alexei are now with Oleg's parents. The youngest child is his own; he also raises the eldest as his own.

"Anya recently studied at the medical school in the city of Glukhov. All the teachers knew that she had two children, and tried to help her. But she wasn't a bad student herself. Anya was very good, open, liked to talk with her friends. She has not yet had time to work in her profession, because the children are small, she had to look after them, "- says her friend.

This is not the first shelling of Sumy Oblast by the Russian Federation. On January 23, according to Dmitry Zhivitsky, head of the Sumy Oblast OVA, the enemy shelled nine communities. They fired mortars, artillery, machine guns and automatic rifles.

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