More than 270 Ukrainian companies are co-owners of Russian enterprises

Author: youcontrol
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 05 2022 at 02:53 pm
Source: youcontrol

Specialists of the R&D center YouControl analyzed the data of the USR legal entities of the Russian Federation for the presence of Ukrainian companies in the ownership structure of Russian organizations. As it turned out, 273 Ukrainian companies and organizations have ties to 251 Russian companies. In addition, 40 Ukrainian companies from the analyzed list are members of well-known financial-industrial groups or groups of companies. This data is in YouControl.


Earlier, YouControl analysts investigated the presence of "Russian footprint" in Ukrainian companies. Almost 14,000 active Ukrainian enterprises were identified, where at least one citizen or resident of the Russian Federation is among the participants or final beneficiaries.

And what is the Ukrainian fate in Russian business? To clarify this issue, analysts examined data from the Russian state register of legal entities as of December 2021. The liquidated companies were excluded from the list, as well as Russian joint-stock companies and other companies in which there are no records of participants as of April 27, 2022.

Where are Ukrainian companies related to Russian business registered?

In analyzing the ownership structure of Russian organizations, we found links between 273 Ukrainian companies and organizations and 251 Russian companies. Some Ukrainian companies are owned by several Russian companies, and vice versa - several Ukrainian companies are associated with one Russian organization at the same time.

100 companies from the analyzed list are registered in Kyiv, 39 - in the occupied Crimea, more than 20 companies - in Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions. In other regions of Ukraine there are from 1 to 11 such organizations. Interestingly, no companies related to Russia were identified in Zakarpattia and Ternopil oblasts.

Ukrainian companies in Russian business
Author: youcontrol

Ukrainian companies in Russian business

In what areas do you work most often?

More than 20% of the total number of companies with ties to Russian business operate in the field of real estate. About 13% - wholesale of various goods. Almost 8% - in construction, more than 5% in agriculture.

Ukrainian companies in Russian business
Author: youcontrol

More than half of the Ukrainian companies on the analyzed list own a significant share of Russian companies - 50% or more of the authorized capital. Of these, 66 companies own 100% of the IC.

How to check the connection of Ukrainian business with Russia?

It is very easy to trace the connection of Ukrainian business with the occupiers and to identify a Ukrainian company in the ownership structure of Russian organizations. All you have to do is go to the card of a legal entity in the YouControl system and the Express-Analysis module will automatically highlight this data as a risk factor: "A Ukrainian company is a member of a legal entity registered under the legislation of the Russian Federation."

Communication with Ukrainian FIGs. The most interesting

40 Ukrainian companies from the analyzed list are or belong to 32 FIGs / groups of companies added to the YouControl system. In particular, these are some of the largest FIGs in Ukraine - SCM, Ukrprominvest and TAS. And also 13 groups connected with public figures of Ukraine - People's Deputies, deputies of local councils.

ESTA HOLDING , part of one of Ukraine's largest FIGs , SCM and controlled by Rinat Akhmetov, has a corporate stake in DOL BEREG LLC, which is re-registered in the occupied Crimea under Russian law. Another SCM company, SCM SERVICE , owns a stake in SK, a company of the same name registered in Moscow.

CENTRAL EUROPEAN CONFECTIONERY COMPANY LLC , part of ROSHEN Corporation and owned by Oleksiy Poroshenko, son of the 5th President of Ukraine, People's Deputy of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, is owned by ROSHEN, a registered company. PJSC "SEVMORZAVOD" , the beneficiary of which is Poroshenko himself, is a participant in 2 Crimean companies re-registered under Russian law.

PJSC DNIPROVAGONMASH , the beneficiary of which is Serhiy Tigipko, a former deputy of Ukraine and a key figure in the TAS FIG , owns a limited liability company in Moscow.

Ukrainian company "AUTO BUSINESS GROUP" , the beneficiary of which is the father of the People's Deputy of Ukraine 3-4, 6-9 convocations Nestor Shufrych - Ivan Yuliyovych Shufrych, owns more than 90% of the Russian company "ESTATE HOLDING GROUP" LLC, registered in Moscow in 2015 and works in real estate.


JSC "MOTOR SICH" is a leading corporation for the development, production, repair and maintenance of aircraft gas turbine engines for aircraft and helicopters, whose minority shareholder is the ex-MP of Ukraine Vyacheslav Boguslaev, is a co-owner of 2 Russian companies registered in.

NIKMAS ENGINEERING LLC , part of the Nikmas concern, which is the main asset of the family of ex-People's Deputy of Ukraine Hryhoriy Dashutin, owns 3 companies in Russia, registered in Orel, Russia.

Two companies from the Dnipropetrovsk CMC Corporation - VERKON-TRADE LLC and BALATONPROM LLC - are co-owners of the Moscow real estate company Brigantina. One of the companies of this corporation, namely LLC with II "CMC CORPORATION" was once headed by Oleh Kryshyn, a former deputy of Ukraine of the 8th convocation.

PJSC "CHERKASY CHEMICAL FIBER" , the beneficiary of which is the ex-deputy of Ukraine of the 5th convocation Anatoliy Shkriblyak, owns a little more than 20% of the IC of the Moscow company "FORMASH". The Belarusian company GRODNO KHIMVOLOKNO, which is under US and EU sanctions, is also a member of the Russian company FORMASH .

Dnipro Wallpaper Factory "VINIL" , owned by members of the family of former People's Deputy of Ukraine Leonid Sergienko, owns the company "ATLAS", registered in Belgorod, Russia.

ILITASH LLC , owned by Dmytro Shkira, the son of Igor Shkira, a former deputy of Ukraine of 4-8 convocations, owns the Crimean company YUBK-INVEST. .

TD UKRAINE LLC , which until recently belonged to Iryna Barakh, the wife of former Ukrainian military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios, owns DALM-AGRO LLC, which has been re-registered under Russian law in Crimea.

RIELTI-COM LLC owns over 83% of KERSEV Insurance Company LLC, which was registered in the occupied Crimea in December 2014. and works in real estate. The founder of "REALTY-COM" LLC is Kreslin (Ninko) Irina Alexandrovna, who was once a member of the board of PJSC "SUNSET TRADE" (until 2016 JSC "Furshet"), which owned a chain of grocery stores "Furshet" and is part of influence of the deputy of the Kyiv city council of several convocations Igor Balenko.

The Odessa company NERUM LLC , co-owned by Raisa Kislovska, the mother of Andriy Kislovsky, a deputy of the Odessa City Council, owns DOLPHINARY NEMO LLC, which was registered in Alushta after the annexation of Crimea.

MPVKP "BETA", part of the agricultural holding BIG Harvest Group , headed by the former mayor of Yasynuvata, Donetsk region. (2006-2009) Yevhen Ishchenko-Hiller is a member of DON-CRIMEA LLC, which is re-registered in Crimea under Russian law.

Several companies that are part of the Hals-Agro agricultural holding are co-owners of four real estate companies in Russia, two of which are registered in the Krasnodar Territory and others are re-registered in the occupied Crimea under Russian law.

GRANDINVEST LLC , part of the Arricano group of companies (co-owner of 5 malls in Ukraine, including the capital's Sky Mall), is a co-owner of Green Island LLC, which registered in St. Petersburg and works in real estate.

GOLDEN TILE LLC - one of the structures of the vertically integrated group of companies " Golden Tile " for the production and distribution of ceramic tiles - owns 100% of the IC of the Russian company "GOLDEN TILE EAST", which is registered in Belgorod, Russia.

LOGOS DEVELOPMENT GROUP LLC, part of the LOGOS trade and industrial corporation and controlled by Ukrainian businessman Valery Shamotiy, owns a company of the same name registered in the occupied Crimea.

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