Russian soldiers leave a witty caption on their TOS-1 Solntsepyok flame thrower (Photo)

russia's TOS-1 Solntsepyok flame thrower
russia's TOS-1 Solntsepyok flame thrower
© Illustrative photo from open sources
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 11 2022 at 02:47 pm

In truth, such bravado and cynicism in fighting can be found only in the Russian army. A very strange photo was just posted to open sources, showing that Russians put a caption on one of their TOS-1 Solntsepyok, implying that they purposefully attacked Kharkiv residential areas and planned to cause maximum destruction of the city and civilian losses.

TOS-1 Solntsepyok

The inscription says: “Weather forecast for today: Kharkiv will face sun heat today”. The word “sun heat” is translated into russian as “solntsepyok”, which is basically the name of the flamethrower. So, it’s their “game of words”.

According to the watermark, this photo was released to the Internet by Russians in order to make an acceptable impression on all available audiences.

According to accessible sources, the TOS-1 firing range is 4-10 kilometers, hence the risk of receiving a retaliatory attack from the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the greatest.

There have been no examples in world history when an invader left direct evidence of own war crimes with his own hands. So, Defense Express hopes that the above-mentioned photo will be needed in the future to bring to justice specific servicemen of the russian army who fired from this self-propelled flamethrower.As a result, the writing on the launcher may assist to "keep the spirit" of the russian occupants' barbarous and criminal ideals.

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