Russians repair two landing ships in Crimea at the same time (Photo)

Dock landing ship
Dock landing ship "Caesar Kunikov" arrived at the 13th shipyard in Sevastopol for repair
© Photo credit: Crimea.Realities, RFE/RL
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 14 2022 at 09:06 pm

These two collided with Ukrainian "Neptune" and "Tochka-U" missiles in a "memorable" collision. A Russian naval landing ship has entered the waters of a shipyard in Kilen Bay, Sevastopol, in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

According to "Crimea.Realities," a media effort of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the ship displays signs of damage. The left side of the ship has several major dents, and the paint has been burned in several spots.

The shot below does not show the right side. The tactical number "158" is visible on the vessel's bow, indicating that it is the Black Sea fleet's dock landing ship (LSD) "Caesar Kunikov" coming for a refurbishment. This damage was inflicted as early as March 2022, when a Russian-occupied port in Berdyansk was hit by a "Tochka-U" missile.

The dock landing ship "Azov" of the russian Black Sea Fleet on the repair in the 13th shipyard, Sevastopol / Photo credit: Crimea.Realities, RFE/RL

According to RFE/RL correspondents, another LSD "Azov" of the Russian Black Sea Fleet arrived at the same 13th shipyard in early April this year. There is no information available in the public domain concerning what happened to this vessel. However, it appears that the repair was not scheduled. According to "Crimea.Realities," the Russian "Azov" ship is still in repair as of May 12.

There are two plausible possibilities. This dock landing ship either experienced "exceptional" problems with its running gear or it had a "memorable" collision with a Ukrainian "Neptune" anti-ship missile, which was purportedly involved in the submergence of the Russian missile cruiser "Moskva."

Another photo of the LSD "Azov" in the shipyard / Photo credit: Crimea.Realities, RFE/RL

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