The Air Force used rare large-caliber missiles to take revenge for Vinnytsia and Mykolaiv (photo)

Rare large-caliber missiles
Rare large-caliber missiles
© Photo: оpen source
Alina Kuleba

Alina Kuleba

Updated: July 15 2022 at 02:30 pm

The Su-25M1 was used to deliver the "means of retribution" to the heads of the Rashists

The Ukraine Weapons Tracker Twitter profile published a video indicating that the technicians of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attached large-caliber unguided missiles of the S-24 type to one of our Su-25M1 attack aircraft, on which were written "For Vinnytsia" and "For Mykolaiv", and indicated the date of shelling of these cities is "07/14/2022".

This photo is also indicative of the fact that, for the first time during the war, our Air Force showed the use of rare missiles of the S-24 type.

Such missiles have a caliber of 240 mm, the weight of the S-24 is 235 kg, in particular, the weight of the high-explosive warhead is 123 kilograms. The firing range can be up to 2000 meters, the accuracy of hitting the target is up to 15 meters.

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