The girl and her mother were found shot dead with their hands tied: the Ukrainian military told what was most striking in the war (VIDEO)

An experienced military man, commander of the Svoboda battalion Pyotr Kuzik, said that he was most struck by the killing of civilians by Russian invaders. They shot children in front of their parents, or vice versa - first they killed adults, and then children.

Kuzik said this in an interview. He witnessed such war crimes of the Russians during the cleansing from the enemy of Irpin, Bucha and Gostomel in the Kiev region.

“What struck me the most was when we saw civilians being shot, especially the picture when a girl with her hands tied was shot in the head, and next to her mother was lying with her hands tied, also shot in the head. That is, either they killed in front of the child, or in front of mothers. It's just scum," the soldier said.

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