The Ukrainian military knocked out the enemy from a position called "Moscow" and captured trophies (VIDEO)

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: September 07 2022 at 05:13 pm
Source: InformNapalm

The Ukrainian armed forces drove the Russian invaders out of a position called "Moscow" and captured a portable station.

This was reported in the telegram channel of the Strategic Communications Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to Strathcom, the EW station was captured after our soldiers drove the Russians out of a position called Moscow.

“Fresh Ukrainian trophies. The Russians fled and left their position, which they called "Moscow". We sank one queen, we sank the second. The time will soon come to the third, which, according to the good historical tradition, will probably be burned. Time will tell," the statement said.

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