The Ukrainian military struck at occupiers on border of the Nikolaev and Kherson areas

Photo: telegram / BRATCHUK
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 29 2022 at 03:16 pm

22 invaders and two ammunition depots were destroyed

What happened. Ukrainian soldiers from the Operational Command "South" struck five times by aircraft on the enemy on the border of the Nikolaev and Kherson areas.

Source. The spokesman of Odessa OVA Sergey Bratchuk reported about it.

Details. Ukrainian attack aircraft and helicopters struck clusters of enemy forces and equipment, the base and the Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile system.

Missile and artillery units reduced the enemy army by:

  • 22 occupiers;
  • one Hurricane multiple rocket launcher;
  • three units of armored vehicles;
  • five units of other automotive equipment;
  • two ammunition depots.

Background. It will be recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already eliminated 35,500 occupiers.

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