Ukrainian paratroopers from Martlet MANPADS hit an enemy helicopter

Start with MANPADS LMM Martlet
Start with MANPADS LMM Martlet
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 27 2022 at 07:07 pm

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting the Russian occupiers and destroying the military equipment of the invaders.

The relevant video was released by Ukrainian officer Yuriy Kochevenko.

Today, June 27, Ukrainian paratroopers from the latest British portable anti-aircraft missile system LMM Martlet hit a Russian helicopter that attacked the positions of the Defense Forces.

The enemy helicopter was discovered by fighters of the 95th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after which the MANPADS operator successfully launched a guided missile, which struck a Russian aircraft in a few seconds.

"Today (June 27) anti-aircraft gunners of the 95th ODSHBR destroyed the Russian attack helicopter Ka-52
Because this is OUR SKY! Believe in the Armed Forces, "the Ukrainian military wrote.

The Ukrainian military said that as a result of successful actions of the MANPADS operator of the assault brigade, the Russian strike Ka-52 was neutralized.

Universal small multi-role guided missile Lightweight Multirole Missile (LMM) was created by the British branch of the Thales group.

Complex LMM Martlet
Complex LMM Martlet

The LMM Martlet has a launch weight of 13 kg, a length of 1.3 m and a hull diameter of 76 mm. Cumulative fragmentation warhead has a mass of 3 kg, when firing at an air target is detonated by a non-contact laser detonator.

The two-stage solid propellant engine provides the rocket with a relatively low speed M = 1.5 (instead of M> 3 in Starstreak), but a long range (up to 8 km).

Rocket LMM Martlet
Rocket LMM Martlet

A feature of LMM Martlet is the use of a two-channel guidance system - laser beam and infrared at the end of the guidance area.

Russian Ka-52 helicopter Photo: Mass media
Russian Ka-52 helicopter Photo: Mass media

Ka-52 - Russian combat helicopter, which has the ability to carry out reconnaissance, targeting and coordination of actions of a group of combat helicopters. The machine is capable of hitting armored and unarmored vehicles, manpower and air targets on the battlefield. Represents the development of the Ka-50 "Black Shark" helicopter.

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