Defender of Popasna "Cat": "cannon fodder will not ensure the victory of Moscow"

Oleg from Dnipro under the pseudonym
Oleg from Dnipro under the pseudonym "Cat"

Oleg from Dnipro under the pseudonym "Cat" is currently being treated at the Dnipro Hospital after being wounded in the battle for Popasna. A fragment of a 120-caliber enemy mine went just above the knee and pierced the thigh almost to the groin. The "bonus" was a concussion and a mine injury. But the brave warrior assures that his body will recover quickly, and in a few weeks he will return to the fighting colleagues of the mechanized brigade named after King Daniel to destroy the Moscow invaders.

Now "Cat" - an experienced warrior, deadly to the enemy. It is unbelievable that he did not even serve a term and had nothing to do with the army for years! Everything changed in 2014.

Oleg's story is quite typical for a modern active Ukrainian man: Maidan, fighting on the front line as part of a volunteer battalion, signing a contract with the Armed Forces…

- In May 2021, I was demobilized and returned to civilian life, - says Oleg. - But the "vacation" was not as long as I expected. There was a large-scale invasion of the enemy - I was called to civic duty, I was again mobilized for war against the Russians. Fortunately, he returned to a familiar team, in the same company where he had served for a long time. Our combat team was already "crushed", and we immediately began to work in harmony and, believe me, very effectively.

Oleg from Dnipro under the pseudonym "Cat"
Oleg from Dnipro under the pseudonym "Cat"

Our interlocutor has something to compare the scale of the war in different years. According to Kota, the occupiers are throwing much more cannon fodder now, and they do not spare artillery shots.

- But the cannon fodder of all the peoples of Russia will not ensure the victory of Moscow. No matter where you look, there is heroic, fierce opposition from Ukrainians everywhere. What in Popasna, what in Severodonetsk - our soldiers in the fight for their state demonstrate real military miracles… - says Oleg. - That is why the Rus' have to spend a cosmic number of mines, "hailstones" on even the smallest concentration of Ukrainian infantry, and put hundreds of occupiers on Ukrainian soil. And their Kremlin commanders are not very skilled. Therefore, avoiding a direct confrontation with our Armed Forces, they use the tactics of scorched earth - they fire missiles, artillery, and turn peaceful Ukrainian cities into ruins. These grief-stricken soldiers send divisions of young Mokshans, Buryats, Chukchis, Mordvins, Chechens, and other peoples enslaved by them… And we, Ukrainians, must turn these hordes into mountains of corpses. Of course, the actions of individual enemy units differ significantly. The most daring and arrogant are mercenaries who have some military experience. Russian contractors are frightened boys. Forced mobilization is just cannon fodder.

Oleg from Dnipro under the pseudonym "Cat"
Oleg from Dnipro under the pseudonym "Cat"

"Cat" emphasizes that the attitude to the events of the residents of Donbass has changed significantly. Those who "what's the difference" are now rare, and fans of the "Russian measure" is almost gone. According to Oleg, the vast majority of those who remain are in favor of Ukraine. Those who wanted to live in Russia left for Russia, which is logical.

- Of course, we suffer losses, but we are fighting for our land! - says Oleg "Kit". - I want to tell everyone that the fighting spirit of our soldiers is high. Believe in us, believe in the Armed Forces! Victory will definitely be ours!

Alexander Olekhnovich, mobile press group.

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