The author of the words about the Russian ship after captivity: They did not know who said it. I would not return home

Gribov signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2018, before that he worked as a DJ in the Cherkasy region
Gribov signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2018, before that he worked as a DJ in the Cherkasy region
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: May 03 2022 at 06:40 pm

A Ukrainian serviceman, one of the defenders of the Serpent Island, Roman Gribov, whose phrase "Russian warship, go fuck yourself" became legendary, on May 2 in an interview with the Public said that everyone in Cherkasy recognizes him and asks to be photographed.

Russian warship, go fuck yourself
Roman Gribov, whose phrase "Russian warship, go fuck yourself

The Marine learned about what became popular after returning from captivity.

"From the person who was engaged in the exchange, I heard:" Do you know that you are the author of the legendary phrase? "At first I did not understand what it was about. Already when I drove closer to home, I understood. To be honest, it was somehow embarrassing. I am a simple person ", and there is so much attention here. This phrase cheers people up, so my mother understood and supported. Of course, this is not very good, because there is profanity, but I'm an adult and therefore I can express myself like that," Gribov joked.

According to him, the Russians did not know that they had a prisoner who sent a Russian warship.

“And this is good, because I think they would have treated me badly in that case. I would not have returned home,” the soldier said.

After returning from captivity, the servicemen were sent to the hospital.

“They wanted to put me on treatment, but at first I wanted to see my relatives. During the first conversation with my mother, she could not speak, she just cried. Then there were many more meetings. The vacation lasted a month, but it was very eventful. Because of this phrase, I I didn’t meet anyone, I visited a lot of places," Gribov said.

Gribov signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2018, before that he worked as a DJ in Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region, but dreamed of serving in the marines. Now he plans to return to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, "to go further, to cut down the orcs."

“Truth and victory are behind us. We are a very strong people, and no rashists will be able to get in here,” the military man is sure.


On February 24, the Russian invaders approached Zmeiny and demanded that the Ukrainian military surrender. The border guards and the Armed Forces of Ukraine kept the defense of the island from about noon . In the evening it became known that Serpentine was captured by Russian invaders . Communication with the border guards who were on the island with the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was lost.

Later, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko published a recording of negotiations between the crew of the occupiers' warship and Ukrainian border guards. On the offer to surrender, they replied: " Russian warship, go to x ... d ."

An audio recording of this conversation was quickly circulated online, and the response of Ukrainian servicemen to a Russian warship became a catchphrase. The defenders of the island will be awarded the title of Heroes of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

On February 28, the press service of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the Ukrainian border guards and marines who defended Snake Island are alive and are held captive by Russian invaders .

On March 29, it became known that Marine Gribov had returned home from captivity. He received the award "For Merit to the Cherkasy Region".

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