Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed pontoon bridges of infidels in Daryevka and Kherson (VIDEO)

The Ukrainian military destroyed two pontoon crossings of infidels in Daryevka and Kherson.

This was announced by the speaker of the Operational Command "South" Vladislav Nazarov.

According to him, over the past night, artillery units hit the command post of the Russian army and the area of ​​​​concentration of rocket and artillery weapons.

In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continued to beat infidels on pontoon crossings in the Kherson region.

“Our rocket and artillery units, in the process of carrying out fire missions, hit the command post, the area of ​​concentration of enemy rocket and artillery weapons and 2 pontoon bridges in Daryevka and Kherson overnight,” Nazarov said.

He added that the confirmed losses of the enemy are 29 infidels, 4 tanks and 1 airborne combat vehicle.

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