Explosion in Chernihiv: two servicemen who gave a child weapons face 10 years in prison (VIDEO)

The State Bureau of Investigation reported suspicions to two military men, who were responsible for handing a child a loaded hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher at an arms exhibition in Chernihiv.

One of the servicemen, according to law enforcement officers, allowed the child to pick up a loaded RPG-26 anti-tank grenade and pull the trigger.

The shooting injured at least nine people, six of whom were children.

A two-year-old child received the most severe injuries, he had a shrapnel wound to his face and a complex injury to his hand.

The Chernihiv city council noted that the explosion occurred near the regional art museum named after Galagan on August 3 at about 13.30.

Official permission for the military to hold this exhibition was not provided to the city authorities.

A charity fair was held in the park area and a demonstration of weapons became part of this event.

Suspicion from the State Bureau of Investigation was received by two servicemen: the commander, who ordered subordinate servicemen to bring weapons to the exhibition for demonstration, and the serviceman, who gave the child a loaded weapon.

Employees of the DBR detained the suspected servicemen and filed a petition with the court for a preventive measure in the form of detention.

The servicemen are suspected of violating the rules for handling weapons, which resulted in bodily injuries to several people.

They face a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

A motion will be filed with the court to elect him a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

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