Map of hostilities. Updated

We collected data from open sources, such as reports from the General Staff and reports from regional military administrations, which are published daily. We do not specify specific positions - only the settlements mentioned in these reports are indicated. This is indicative, as there is no clear front line in the current war, and the situation on the battlefield is volatile and may differ from official reports. This map gives only a general idea, and if you live in an area where fighting is approaching, you should NOT rely on this map when deciding to evacuate.

Positions of the Armed Forces are marked in blue, Russia - in red (abandoned positions in Russia - in yellow). Burgundy - abstract "battlefields". Dot means control over the settlement or its surroundings (from the reports of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the OVA, unless otherwise indicated). Click on the dots for more information - in some localities you will see in the window on the left, in addition to the name, a description of events or a link to the news.

The card does not claim to be exhaustive. It shows data starting from March 19, 2022. The map is updated as events unfold.

Russian losses in Ukraine: 17 300 Personnel, 605 Tanks and 131 Aircraft. The 35h Day of the War


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