Russian army losses in Ukraine exceed 132 thousand people: 870 occupants were liquidated during a day

Russian army losses in Ukraine
Russian army losses in Ukraine
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: February 06 2023 at 09:42 am

The Ukrainian Defense Forces eliminated about 870 occupants at the front during the fighting on February 5. The defenders also scrapped a number of armored vehicles and some weapons of the Russian troops.

The stockpile of equipment and the number of Putin's invaders, who invaded our country 348 days ago, is decreasing day by day. Updated data on the losses of the enemy announced the General Staff of the AFU.

It is noted that since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian soldiers have "demilitarized" at least 132,160 soldiers of the Russian army already. In addition, we are only talking about those killed, while the number of wounded is not known precisely.

In one day, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed 11 enemy tanks (3,231 in total) and ten armored fighting vehicles (6,415).

Also on the front burned 13 units of automotive equipment and tank trucks (a total of 5104), five artillery systems (2231), one MLRS (461) of the Russian Armed Forces.

Russian army losses in Ukraine
Russian army losses in Ukraine

The list of the rest of the occupants' equipment neutralized during the day did not change:

- 1,958 operational-tactical UAVs;

- 796 cruise missiles;

- 294 aircraft;

- 284 helicopters;

- 227 air defense assets;

- 203 pieces of special equipment;

- 18 ships/boats.

As reported by MyUkraineis, over the past three days AFU soldiers destroyed three ammunition depots, two invader bases and an oil depot used by the enemy. The defenders also demonstrated an accurate strike against the occupants in Luhansk Region, where they eliminated a tank and a truck of the Russian Armed Forces.

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