The fate of the traitors, what happened to those who betrayed Ukraine

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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: December 12 2022 at 12:11 pm
Source: war2022-info

Out of twenty-one collaborators , three died in road accidents.

There are more than a thousand people in the register of state traitors of the public movement "Chestno". Of these, 21 people are considered dead. How the traitors of Ukraine died, brief information.

Out of twenty-one collaborators , three died in road accidents.

In 2015, the son of the fugitive President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Viktor, died in the waters of Lake Baikal . He was the driver of a Volkswagen minibus that fell through the ice. There were 6 people in the minibus, all of whom survived except for Yanukovych Jr.

On November 9, 2022, Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the occupation administration of the Kherson region, a member of the Kherson authorities “Rescue Committee “For Peace and Order””, died in an accident, RIA Novosti reported . Its driver survived.

Immediately on November 10, Alexey Remenyuk, ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 3rd and 4th convocations, head of the United Russia party, died in an accident in Crimea . He was running from a police chase.

Four are shot.

Among them, on March 2, the "court of the people's tribunal" killed the ex-regional , the head of the Kremenets UTC, Vladimir Struk. He was found with a gunshot wound to the heart. Before that, on March 1, his wife told the police that Vladimir Struk had been kidnapped by unknown people in camouflage.

On March 20, Pavel Slobodchikov, a politician from Kherson, was shot dead in his own Mercedes car with his wife . He died, his wife survived, but was injured.

On August 28, Alexei Kovalev, ex-deputy of the Servant of the People, who went over to the side of Russia, was killed from his own gun . Together with him, his cohabitant also died - a stab wound to the neck.

Member of the Berdyansk City Council, Oleg Boyko, was killed on September 16 near his garage along with his wife . His wife, Lyudmila Boyko, headed the election commission for holding a "referendum" in the city of Berdyansk.

Eleven - blown up.

On June 24, in Kherson, the head and co-founder of the youth organization "New Russia" in Kherson, Dmitry Savluchenko, was blown up in his car .

On August 3, as a result of receiving numerous injuries after an explosion in Gorlovka, the ex-lieutenant colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Olga Kachura (Korsa) died.

On August 12, after shopping in one of the Starobelsk stores, ex-police officer Layshev Askyar was blown up in a car .

On August 24, in the Zaporozhye region , the car of Ivan Sushka was blown up , acting. chairman of the village of Mikhailovka, Vasilyevsky district, Zaporozhye region.

On August 26, ex-police inspector Alexander Kolesnikov died in an explosion near a health center in Berdyansk.

On September 8, Yuriy Onishchuk, ex-deputy of the Melitopol City Council, former deputy of the mayor of Melitopol, was blown up in the house of an oppositionist , ex-deputy of the Melitopol City Council.

On September 16, in the center of Luhansk, an explosion occurred in the office of the “LPR prosecutor” Sergei Gorenko. Together with him, his "deputy" Ekaterina Steglenko died.

On September 18, in the center of Melitopol, an explosive device planted in a garbage can went off when the car of the senior inspector of the road patrol service in Melitopol, former ATO participant Denis Stefankov, stopped nearby.

On September 25, two people died in Kherson as a result of the arrival of a rocket , among them the former People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksiy Zhuravko.

On November 14 , near Melitopol, the car of ex-deputy of the Melitopol City Council Maxim Zubarev was blown up.

Under unknown circumstances, on September 19, Oleg Popov, ex-deputy of the Luhansk District Council from the Communist Party, died

Ex-border guard Andrei Ryzhkov was found hanged on August 27.

Of all, only one died of a stroke.

Yuri Meshkov, the first and only president of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, head of the republican movement of Crimea and the Russia bloc. In March 2019, he was arrested for two days after trying to meet with the President of Russia and call for the resignation of the Crimean authorities. He stated that he regards this as revenge for criticizing the Crimean authorities. He died on September 29, 2019 as a result of complications from a stroke.

19 of the collaborators, except for Meshkov and Yanukovych, died in 2022.

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