Fighting episodes of one of the defenders of Mariupol

Lev Pashko defenders of Mariupol
Lev Pashko defenders of Mariupol
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 01 2022 at 02:42 pm
Source: Valery Agibalov

At one time they said about the "cyborgs" of Donetsk airport: "They survived, concrete did not survive." This definition best illustrates the victory of the defenders of Mariupol. The enemy almost wiped out the city of half a million people, but he does not have the weapons to break the spirit of the defenders of Mariupol.

One of these heroes is a very young commander of the Azov company, Lev Pashko. He came to Azov in 2017, as soon as he turned eighteen, the young man chose the call sign "Horus" - the name of the ancient Egyptian god of hunting, sky and war. "Azov" "Horus" began his service as a soldier, underwent several training courses, and now skillfully beats the invaders. By Decree of the President of Ukraine № 168/2022 of March 25, 2022, he was awarded the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky III degree.

Shortly after being awarded the first state award, the officer was awarded another military rank of "lieutenant". Leo is an experienced leader who skillfully manages a subordinate unit, successfully completes the tasks. With perseverance and courage, he inspires his brothers to win in seemingly hopeless situations.

commander of the Azov company, Lev Pashko
commander of the Azov company, Lev Pashko

On March 26, from the side of the village of Gnutovo, the enemy made another attempt to break through the defenses of the defenders of Mariupol. A column of five tanks and two infantry fighting vehicles pushed into the city. A group of guardsmen under the command of Lieutenant Pashka came out to meet the enemy. When the enemy equipment appeared, Lev confidently aimed a grenade launcher at one of the Russian BMP-2s. Infantry began to jump out of the burning car, but the second shot was not long in coming and eight invaders died in the Ukrainian steppe. The rest of the uninvited guests began to deploy in battle formation, trying to defend. They clearly did not see the Azovs. Watching their commotion, Lieutenant Pashka's group made a covert maneuver and struck the column from the left flank. Two Russian tanks were destroyed in the first minute of the battle, one of them personally lined up the "Horus". In vain the enemy tried to escape! Our special forces counterattacked, burned almost all equipment and transferred at least 30 occupiers to the "two hundred" category. The lieutenant killed nine invaders and captured one, and captured the surviving BMP and enemy radio.

On March 28, the aggressor's forces managed to break through the defenses of our troops between the villages of Gnutovo and Chernenko. Intelligence has found that the Russians plan to transport three tanks and six trucks across the Kalmius River. A combined group under the command of Horus advanced in the direction of the enemy's movement. Fortunately, it was already dark when the occupiers began the crossing. Hiding close to the enemy at a distance of a direct shot, Lieutenant Pashko aimed at a tank and a truck. A battle ensued, during which Lev killed at least 13 Russian soldiers and three trucks with ammunition. Thanks to the heroic actions of special forces and, in particular, Lieutenant Pashko, the occupiers suffered heavy losses and retreated.

The enemy continued to throw manpower and equipment at Mariupol and, despite fierce resistance from the Ukrainian garrison, squeezed the ring around the city. On April 1, the enemy detachment went to the outskirts of Mariupol and set out to equip a checkpoint. Lieutenant Pashko was well aware that the enemy unit outnumbered the Azovs both in numbers and weapons, and that it was covered on several sides by artillery. But despite all this, "Horus" decided to storm. At 15:30 he planned the actions of subordinates, proved the order of nomination and work of each of the subordinates, and at 16:45 at the site of the enemy checkpoint majors flag of Ukraine. Fifteen desperate Guards of Azov were opposed by about half a hundred Russian occupiers, a tank and four armored combat vehicles "Lynx", but as a result of the battle, all equipment and half of the enemy's personnel were destroyed.

For personal courage and heroism shown in defense of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, selfless service to the Ukrainian people by Decree of the President of Ukraine № 251/2022 of April 17, 2022 Lieutenant Pashko Lev Valeryevich was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the Golden Order.

Glory to heroes!

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