The sailor liquidated the enemy fighter with MANPADS "Needle"

Dmytro was born and raised in Izmail, Odesa Region
Dmytro was born and raised in Izmail, Odesa Region
© Photo: Alla Ryadinska
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 01 2022 at 12:34 pm
Source: Alla Ryadinska

Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion, fighting has been going on throughout our country, including at sea. Russian aircraft and navy are constantly shelling Ukraine from the sea, carrying out airstrikes on cities, but these attacks are bravely repulsed by our defenders. Among them is a sailor Dmitry, who shot down an enemy plane.

Dmytro was born and raised in Izmail, Odesa Region. After graduating from 9th grade, he studied at the Izmail Naval Lyceum with enhanced military and physical training, then entered the university. But in the second year the young man realized that he did not see himself in civilian life, so he signed a contract and became part of the crew of one of the ships of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The boy had a choice of who to become - a paratrooper, gunner, Marine, but he wanted to serve at sea. First, Dmitry was always equal to his great-grandfather, who was a naval officer. Secondly, the romance beckoned: to go to the ports to the native shores, to listen to the chatter of seagulls and the sounds of waves crashing against the breakwaters. And share all this with the team of your brothers, who during this time become your second family.

After the large-scale invasion of the Nazi-occupying troops of the Russian Federation in the ship's crew, as in all, the work became more.

- While performing tasks at sea, we had to return to one of the bases. We stopped at the port, started loading, and as soon as we finished, we saw that 2 Russian SU-34 fighter-bombers appeared from under the clouds. The planes took off very quickly. They were not heard, and can be seen poorly because of the clouds. They fired several rockets at the city and flew back into the clouds. I watched this moment on the signal bridge and realized that one day they will not have enough, they will want to return to strike again, - says the sailor.

Dmitry was right, the Russian air killers returned, but he was already waiting for them with the Igla MANPADS. The military immediately launched a rocket at one of the disappearing in the clouds of the plane. There was very little time for guidance, Dmitry was helped by his comrade-in-arms. After a loud "clap" one plane in the Russian occupation army became less.

- Then all my feelings turned off, my head was "cold" and my hands did everything themselves. Probably due to constant learning, as well as instinct: either they are us or we are them. The main thing is the Ukrainian spirit that will not betray us. So, no matter what weapon they have, victory is ours, - the sailor emphasizes.

By the way, in the training center during professional training Dmytro's related specialty was - MANPADS operator. He studied on an interactive simulator, and in practice showed excellent results.

It is so simple that the old Soviet MANPADS, which cost $ 60,000 to $ 80,000, destroyed a modern $ 40 million plane that the Russians could spend on electrifying their depressed regions if their dictator really thought about "his people."

- I think they did not expect such a result. Our team was very happy. At that moment, we understood that all the crew members had been saved, because they could have flooded us as well. In general, we are not confused by their "new" planes, because they fall, like everyone else - a pile of scrap metal, - says Dmitry.

This is not the first meeting of the ship's crew with the enemy. On one of the tasks, the warship began firing from a 100-millimeter Russian A-190 naval gun. The enemy then fired 32 shells and one missile at them, but thanks to the professional, coordinated actions of the crew and the military commander, they managed to bring the ship out of the shelling and successfully return to port. The steering and signaling team played a key role in this.

Dmytro does not attribute success to any higher powers, although he notes that he sometimes has premonitions.

- After the start of a large-scale invasion, it happens that dreams are dreamed as a warning of something. Even before the shelling, I also dreamed of something similar, - says the young man.

It is worth noting that Dmitry is not the only military man in the family. His brother serves in the National Guard and now protects the bleeding heart of Ukraine - Mariupol - from the racists.

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