Ukrainian Kira Makogonenko won the Baltic Sea Cup gold in Germany

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 03 2022 at 03:22 pm

14-year-old Ukrainian won an international boxing tournament and dedicated her triumph to the Armed Forces

I want to thank the Lord for this victory. I dedicate this victory to the Armed Forces, the Central Intelligence Agency, all the patriots of our country, and personally Serhiy Velychko and all the Kharkiv patriots who defend the sovereignty of Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine, - wrote Kira Makogonenko!

Congratulations, Kiro! Well done!

Young Ukrainian boxer Kira Makogonenko won gold at the Baltic Sea Cup and dedicated her victory to the defenders of Ukraine.

In the decisive fight Makogonenko defeated the representative of Saudi Arabia Jolle Heyer in the weight category of 48 kg.

After her victory, the 13-year-old athlete staged a performance in support of Ukraine - she walked around the ring with the Ukrainian flag over her head.

In the video address, the girl noted that she dedicated her performance at the tournament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Central Intelligence Agency and all patriots of the Motherland.

We will add that Makogonenko already managed to hold 57 fights without any defeat.

The girl's dream is to perform at the Olympic Games. Kira is coached by her father, who is a two-time world champion in kickboxing and the champion of Ukraine in hand-to-hand combat.

Ukrainian Kira Makogonenko
Ukrainian Kira Makogonenko