Vladimir Klitschko called on the world to force Russia to give a green corridor to Mariupol

Klitschko Jr. asks the civilized world to save people from the blocked city
Klitschko Jr. asks the civilized world to save people from the blocked city
© Photo: Kyiv City State Administration
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: April 30 2022 at 10:55 pm

Volodymyr Klychko stated that for hundreds of Mariupol residents who are now at Azovstal, the bill goes on for hours.

From the first days of the war, the mayor's brother in Kyiv and his assistant addressed the world community with various messages, each time having a specific meaning. All of them are about helping Ukraine and Ukrainians. The pain points of the war are shifting every time the Armed Forces liberate villages, cities, and oblasts. However, there are some who are constantly in pain in every person who has a heart and compassion. Today it is Mariupol.

Vladimir Klitschko addresses the civilized world, explaining what is happening in Mariupol and what needs to be done to save it. Immediately.

"The tragic situation in Mariupol, which is almost completely destroyed. It is vital for thousands of Mariupol residents that the world community, by all possible means, force Russia to give not even a green, but I would say a "corridor of life" for all the people who are now on Azovstal. Wounded, exhausted, without food, medicine and water. For many of them, the bill goes for hours… Such a corridor has been promised for a long time, but so far it has not happened, "Klitschko said.

The world-famous athlete reminds the citizens of the world that fear is the "battery of power" of those who started the invasion of Ukraine under the guise of a "special operation".

"Putin is trying to intimidate the civilized world. This is evidenced by the shelling of the Ukrainian capital during the time when the UN Secretary General was there, "Klitschko assures people, adding that for people in Mariupol, at the Azovstal plant," it takes hours. "

Ten days ago , on April 21, Wladimir Klitschko recorded and disseminated an address to concerned citizens of the world and leaders of free countries. He stressed that the world community must immediately increase pressure on Russia and the Putin regime to save the civilians and Ukrainian defenders blocked in Mariupol.

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