We often say the word "victory". And do we understand what will be the victory for us?

Stopping active hostilities is unlikely to be a victory. Nobody in Donbass during the next "silence mode" (there were days, aha) called it a victory. Nobody even thought of it. Everyone understood that it was just a pause, a lull before the storm. Something wicked this way comes.

For most of us, the expulsion of the Russian army to the borders of the control zone for 2021, that is, to the administrative line of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the line of demarcation in the Environmental Protection Agency, will not be a victory for most of us. And even a return to the borders of 2013. Everyone will understand that they will come again. Mobilize, regroup and come. This, too, will not be a victory, but an operational pause. A month, a year, two - and they will return. With new missiles, new units of unburned Buryats and so on. Those who do not believe that they will come again - remember how and why the war in Chechnya in 1994-1996 became known not just as the Chechen War, but as the First Chechen War.

We will not consider the removal / liquidation / imprisonment of Vladimir Putin and his entourage a final victory. Because we, unlike most world politicians, understand that the Russians are not killing Ukrainians because Putin ordered them to. On the contrary, Putin ordered the killing of Ukrainians because the Russians want them to. This is their request. They hate us, our country and the very fact of our existence. Mariupol is proof of this.

So for me personally, victory will only be when:

1. Russia will disappear from the political map of the world, and in its place will be several (and the more, the better) individual republics that will conflict with each other for resources and therefore will not be able to attack Ukraine.

2. Belarus will be cleansed of war criminals, a free, European country with a friendly government.

3. Transnistria will disappear as such along with the Russian military base.

4. All those involved in the war in Ukraine, in whatever country they may be, will be justly punished. And there can be only one just punishment.

5. Russia will be deputinized, denazified, disarmed, brought to total ruin and technologically returned to the Stone Age.

Item 6 from me personally. For me, the war will end when the people of Moscow and St. Petersburg and other Russian cities understand the people of Mariupol, Bucha, Irpen, Chernihiv, Izyum, Kharkiv and other cities. You know what I'm talking about. Yes, I want revenge. You may think this is wrong and inhumane, but I want it to be so. Eye for an eye, city for city.

These are not all points, of course, but only the main ones for me. This will be the victory we stand for.

Everything else is just a pause and calm.

The report is over. I went to work.

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