Belarusian media posted a video of Russian occupiers posting loot from Ukraine at the post office

Belarusian opposition journalists have obtained video from surveillance cameras showing Russian occupiers registering looted property from Ukraine at a post office in Belarus.

Journalists posted surveillance footage from the office of the Russian delivery service "SDEK" in the office in Belarus. The recording was cut by journalists from a video broadcast on the company's website on April 2.

They show how the Russian occupiers send things stolen from Ukrainians to Russia through the delivery service. Registration was done between 11:30 and 15:00.

The video clearly shows how the Russian invaders make out the stolen TVs, electric scooter, 4 boxes with AKAI air conditioners, alcohol with price tags, video cards, car batteries, kitchen hoods. The video even shows a packing bag from the Ukrainian hypermarket of building materials "Epicenter", in which one of the occupiers put the looted items.

At 1 hour 2 minutes of the video, the chevron on the sleeve of the uniform of one of the Russian occupiers is clearly visible. This is the 56th Guards Assault Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces, which is stationed in Feodosia in the occupied Crimea.

According to journalists, it is a question of branch of delivery service "SDEK" on Kuibyshev Street, 32 in Mozyr.


  • The SBU published recordings of intercepted phone calls from occupiers sitting on the outskirts of Kyiv. The invaders brazenly flaunt the fact that they break down doors in apartments and houses in order to steal as much Ukrainian property as possible.
  • In other intercepted conversations, the occupiers confessed to relatives who were drinking in trenches and temporary bases near Ukrainian cities.

Russian invaders have lost 17 thousand people since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine - the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Through the battles of the city of Kiev, I will renew two high-voltage lines to revive a part of the houses on the right birch of the capital


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