Kalinowski's Belarusian battalion, fighting on the side of Ukraine, became a regiment

Kalinowski's Belarusian battalion
Kalinowski's Belarusian battalion
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 21 2022 at 09:40 pm
Source: myukraineis.org

The number of volunteers has increased significantly

Today, the Belarusian battalion named after Kastus Kalinowski, which is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced its expansion and transformation into a regiment.

The Belarusian regiment will include the Lytvyn and Volat battalions, the Nexta telegram channel reports.

“The ranks of our soldiers are constantly expanding, hardening in trials. As of today, we state that the Belarusian Liberation Army is a factor that will influence the historical changes in our homeland. Today it is time to announce the creation of the next military formation - Kalinowski's regiment, "the regiment commander said in a video message.

Russia, meanwhile, wants to lift all age restrictions on military service, a clear indication that Putin's troops are currently short of manpower.

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