Now it's official: Ukrainian sailors burned the Russian ship "Vsevolod Bobrov"

Russian ship
Russian ship "Vsevolod Bobrov"
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Updated: May 13 2022 at 12:36 am

On the evening of May 12, Sergei Bratchuk, a representative of the Odessa OVA, officially confirmed the destruction of one of the newest Russian ships off Zmeiny Island.

He published the corresponding message in his official Telegram channel.

Bratchuk said that Ukrainian military sailors destroyed the Vsevolod Bobrov logistics vessel.

The ship started on fire.

It is not yet known for sure whether the ship could reach Sevastopol in the occupied Crimea - this information is being specified.

The incident took place near the Ukrainian island of Serpents. Sergey Bratchuk suggests that the water area of ​​the island can become a repetition of the suburb of Kherson - Chernobaevka - where Russian equipment and soldiers are regularly destroyed.

The speaker also recalled that the Russian army is building up air defense forces in Crimea. He notes that these actions of the enemy, as well as attempts to gain a foothold on Serpentine, threaten Ukraine with new missile strikes.

Recall that the media, referring to anonymous sources in intelligence, claimed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian ship. Sergei Bratchuk has just officially confirmed this.

What is the situation on Snake Island: briefly about the latest news

Some interesting details about the logistics vessel Ave. 23120 "Vsevolod Bobrov", 

This is a brand new ship. It came to the Black Sea from the Baltic only on 07/01/2022.

  • Displacement: 9482 tons
  • Dimensions: length - 94.88 m, width - 22 m, draft - 8.51 m.
  • Full speed: 18 knots.
  • Sailing distance: 5000 miles.
  • Power plant: diesel-electric, 4 diesel generators of 4450 kW, 2x8160 hp electric motor, 2 screw-steering columns with coaxial screws of a fixed step.
  • Load capacity: 2000 tons

Crew: 24 people.

  • Project 23120 vessels, code "Longwinik", designed by St. Petersburg CJSC "Spetssudoproekt" under the direction of Chief Designer Anatoly Petrov.

In fact, the vessel is a military variant of typical offshore supply and supply vessels for offshore oil and gas production.

Designed for loading, storage, transportation and transfer of dry cargo ashore, surface ships, submarines and ships, as well as for towing and assistance to the crews of ships and ships in distress.

Thanks to the crane equipment (two electro-hydraulic cranes with a capacity of 50 tons, towing winches with a traction force of 120 and 25 tons) and a dynamic positioning system, the ship can perform cargo operations near unequipped berth walls and on the high seas.

It is a sea, steel, single-deck vessel with rudder columns, cabin in the bow, with a free deck area in the stern, double bottom and double sides, bow thrusters and towing winch.

The vessel has a diving complex with a pressure chamber to provide deep diving. The hull with Arc4 ice class is designed to overcome 0.6 m thick ice.

The ship has all the conditions for normal work and rest of the crew: sauna, swimming pool, gym, comfortable cabins with individual sanitary units. The automation class A1 on the ship provides maintenance-free maintenance of systems and units. The autonomy of the vessel is 60 days.

The MB-75 marine tug was laid on December 19, 2013 at the Northern Shipyard GCC in St. Petersburg (factory №881). On February 5, 2015, it was reclassified as a logistics vessel, renamed and given a new name - "Vsevolod Bobrov".

The ship is named after the famous football player and hockey player, Honored Master of Sports, Honored Coach of the USSR, Olympic champion Vsevolod Mikhailovich Bobrov (December 1, 1922 - July 1, 1979), the only athlete in the history of the Olympic Games who was captain in another sport.

Launched on November 14, 2016, however, the construction of the vessel was stopped due to lack of imported components. After completion on March 20, 2021, "Vsevolod Bobrov" went to the factory running tests in the Baltic Sea. On August 6, 2021 the acceptance certificate of state tests was signed, and on August 21, 2021 the vessel was included in the Black Sea Fleet.

The ship made the transition from Kronstadt around Europe to the Novorossiysk Navy of the Black Sea Fleet, where it arrived on January 9, 2022. The ship first arrived at the Main Fleet Base - Sevastopol on February 17, 2022.

He is a member of the 205th Auxiliary Fleet Management Detachment based in Sevastopol. 

Captain Oleg Herman.


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