Paratroopers from LMM Martlet shot down Russian drones

Fighter of the 95th DShV Brigade with LMM Martlet. May 2022
Fighter of the 95th DShV Brigade with LMM Martlet. May 2022
© Frame from the video of Yuri Kochevenko
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 21 2022 at 09:49 pm

The Ukrainian military hit Russian reconnaissance drones with Thales Air Defense missiles.

The video with the defeat of Russian aircraft was published by the military Yuri Kochevenko.

Russian drones were found by fighters of the 95th Separate Assault Brigade.

To destroy them, Ukrainian paratroopers used LMM Martlet multi-role missiles.

Lightweight Multirole Missile guided missiles are supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the United Kingdom.

Remains of downed Russian drones
Remains of downed Russian drones. May 2022. Photo: Yuri Kochevenko

Fighters of the assault brigade managed to hit two Orlan-10 reconnaissance drones.

The cumulative fragmentation warhead of the missile that struck them weighs 3 kg and is detonated by a non-contact laser detonator when fired at an air target.

The two-stage solid propellant engine provides the rocket with a relatively low speed M = 1.5 (instead of M> 3 in Starstreak), but a long range (up to 8 km).

Complex LMM Martlet
Complex LMM Martlet

A feature of LMM Martlet is the use of a two-channel guidance system - laser beam and infrared at the end of the guidance area.

In addition, the airborne / helicopter defense system, receiving a signal of laser radiation will not automatically fire infrared traps.

Starstreak (top) and Martlet (bottom). Photos from open sources

The relatively low speed of the Martlet missile makes it probably more comfortable and efficient to aim at a MANPADS operator with a semi-automatic laser beam guidance system.

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