The Russians showed the consequences of hitting the sunken boat "Serna" with Bayraktar TB2

The results of the explosion on the landing boat
The results of the explosion on the landing boat "Serna"
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 10 2022 at 09:02 pm

The racists showed the results of hitting a high-precision ammunition UAV Bayraktar TB2 in the landing craft project 11770 "Serna". The network published photos with the consequences of the explosion.

The results of hitting the boat "Serna" UAV Bayraktar TB2 Photo

The Ukrainian drone hit the port side of the boat above the waterline in the middle of the landing compartment. It is known that from this hit the boat sank.

We will remind , on May 7, 2022 the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck from the sky the boat of the 11770 "Serna" project near the Snake island. The boat sank near the pier. The Russians organized a rescue operation for which they used a floating crane.

" Serna " is a high-speed landing craft of project 11770. It is designed to land on the unprepared coast of wheeled and tracked military equipment, as well as a landing unit (up to 92 people). A feature is the high speed for this type of boat - up to 30 knots.


Displacement: empty - 53.8 tons, full with load - 99.7 (105) tons.
Dimensions: length - 25.6 m, width - 5.8 m,
Power plant - 2 diesels M-503A-3 with a capacity of 3300 k .s., on 5 boats of later release - diesels MTU16V2000M90 with a capacity of 2000 hp
Full speed - 30 (32) universities.
Sailing distance - 100 miles (30 universities), 600 miles (12 universities).
Seaworthiness - up to 5 points.
Autonomy with the landing - 1 day.
Crew - 5 people.

landing craft project 11770 from the Black Sea Fleet, board number 575

It is known from open sources that until recently the Russians had two such boats in the Black Sea. However, it is most likely that the Armed Forces destroyed the boat with board number 575 (the Russian version of Wikipedia states the status of the boat "under repair").

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