French brains of Thales after 2014 supplied Russia with weapons that kill Ukrainians by the thousands: video evidence

French brains of Thales after 2014 supplied Russia with weapons
French brains of Thales after 2014 supplied Russia with weapons
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 26 2022 at 02:07 pm

The founder of the popular automotive portal, Pavlo Kashchuk, showed French military technologies, which, after 2014, were bought by the aggressor country in circumvention of sanctions. We are talking about Russian BMD with the French brains of Thales. Thanks to these technologies, after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the Russian military shot thousands of civilians point-blank.

Blogger Pavel Kashchuk showed one very small but very important detail in this huge and terrible war.

“I hope that citizens of European countries and politicians of Western states will watch this video, because now I want to show how the circumvention of the sanctions imposed against Russia in 2014 affected the fate of one person,” Kashchuk said.

He showed a dump of cars collected from the streets of Bucha, Kyiv region, shot, blown up, destroyed by the Russians. And most of these vehicles, unfortunately, killed civilians. But this car is special, although outwardly it does not differ from others. Here, a woman was sitting in the passenger seat, her body was found without a head, her head was actually blown up. A few weeks after the tragedy, the corpse of a cat was left in the car, which the family also tried to take out from the shelling.

“I really hope that other passengers, among whom there were definitely children, judging by the toys, maybe a spouse, survived,” the blogger expressed hope.

It is clearly visible from the back that the car was destroyed with small arms, and people died from this. We are not interested in holes from a caliber 7.62 from a machine gun, but these one-two-three-four holes, obtained as a result of a 30 mm cannon hit here, which are installed on Russian armored vehicles. It was these shells that actually blew up the man inside. But something else is interesting here: how closely and accurately the shooting was carried out. If you look at the exit holes from the other side, then we can conclude that this was done not point-blank, but from a considerable distance.

"And so I had a question. When I first saw this car, which was standing at the entrance to Bucha from Gostomel, how could the old actually still post-Soviet equipment with disgustingly trained Russian soldiers shoot so accurately? But we received the answer in Vorzel, where our Troops after the withdrawal of the Russian army captured captured BMD-4 vehicles," says Pavel Kashchuk.

These machines began to be produced and entered service in 2015/16, that is, two years after the start of the war in Ukraine. And, accordingly, after the introduction of those same sanctions that do not allow the sale of military technology to the aggressor country. By itself, the BMD-4 is nothing super perfect or modern, it is a well-redesigned BMD-3.

As you can see, here is the same 30 mm cannon. But the most interesting thing here is the fire control system, which allows this combat vehicle to shoot so accurately and accurately, regardless of the weather, wind or even time of day. Components and technologies for this system were sold to the Russian Federation by the French company Thales.

French brains of Thales after 2014 supplied Russia with weapons that kill Ukrainians

A thermal imaging camera with an absolutely non-Russian name - specifically Thales-Vomz Catherine FC - allows the gunner to perfectly see his victim from several kilometers even at night. It is allegedly assembled at a Russian plant in Vologda under a license, that is, according to French drawings, from components purchased from the French.

Thales-Vomz Catherine FC
Thales-Vomz Catherine FC

This is just one of many schemes that allow Western companies to bypass the embargo and continue to supply the Russian army of evil with the latest military technology. Of course, not without the participation of governments, looking at all this through their fingers. Perhaps simply without thinking about what all this will lead to and how much it will cost. And not only Ukraine, but the whole world.

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