The Ukrainian military began using M320 grenade launchers

Ukrainian military with M320 grenade launcher
Ukrainian military with M320 grenade launcher
© Photo: Marine Command of the Ukrainian Navy
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: May 24 2022 at 11:20 am

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use foreign weapons to fight the Russian occupiers.

A photo of a serviceman with this weapon was published by the Marine Command of the Ukrainian Navy.

40-mm M320 single-charge hand grenade launchers were handed over to Ukraine as security assistance to repel Russia's full-scale aggression.

This weapon, in particular, armed the Ukrainian Marines.

M320 grenade launcher
M320 grenade launcher. Photos from open sources

The M320 hand grenade launcher is a single-shot weapon consisting of a trigger with a percussion-trigger mechanism, a complex sight or day / night vision device and a laser rangefinder.

The M320 grenade launcher can be mounted under the barrel of an automatic rifle, or can be used as a separate handgun unit, in which case a retractable buttstock is mounted on top.

M320 grenade launcher on an automatic rifle
M320 grenade launcher on an automatic rifle. Photos from open sources

The sight on the grenade launcher is folding. To charge the grenade launcher, its shutter is tilted to the side, which allows you to fire any 40-mm NATO-standard ammunition. M320 has a fuse in the form of a flag which is located above the handle in the rear of the body on both sides.

The laser rangefinder helps to determine the distance to the target at a distance of more than 100 meters, which helps to increase the accuracy of the hit.

Shot from a grenade launcher M320
Shot from a grenade launcher M320. Photo: DVIDS

Characteristics of the M320 grenade launcher:

Weight: 1.5 kg;
Length: 350 mm;
Barrel length: 280 mm;
Grenade: 40 × 46-mm;
Speed ​​of fire: from 5 to 7 shots / min;
Aiming range: 150 m;
Maximum range: 400 m.

We would also like to remind you that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use 40-mm Mark 19 automatic grenade launchers made in the USA.

The grenade launchers arrived in Ukraine as part of security assistance from the United States.

Mobile groups in cars equipped with American Mark 19 automatic grenade launchers are already working in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are fighting the Russian occupiers.

grenade launcher Mark 19
Ukrainian military with a grenade launcher Mark 19. Photo: OK "West"

The supply of these weapons became known earlier this year.

Ammunition for 40-mm automatic grenade launchers transferred to the United States Photo: Twitter / Alexey Reznikov

It is known that only on February 3, Ukraine received 85 tons of 40-mm shots to automatic grenade launchers , which were delivered by the seventh American plane this year with military assistance.

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