Lieutenant Colonel Dimayev and 40 other Kadyrovites were killed in Lyman

Dimaev and 40 other Kadyrovites died in Lyman
Dimaev and 40 other Kadyrovites died in Lyman
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 01 2022 at 09:55 pm

In Lyman in the Donetsk region, thanks to the actions of our soldiers, it was possible to eliminate difficult occupiers. The Kadyrovites were killed there, and among them is their high-ranking commander.

According to sources on Channel 24, the leader of the militants, Denis Pushilin, was arriving in Lyman, Donetsk region, today, June 1. It was with him that the Kadyrovites came there to show off, and went with a load of 200.

The invaders were covered with artillery

According to sources, our artillery worked for the Russian occupiers. The operation was planned, the enemies were specially awaited. Moreover, the occupiers were waiting for shells greased with lard.

Thanks to the blow, a very high-ranking Russian military man was eliminated. It is about 45-year-old lieutenant colonel Zaur Dimayev. He was the deputy commander of the 4th Battalion of the Akhmat Kadyrov Special Regiment. Together with Dimayev, another 40 "Kadyrov-Tiktokers" who came to our land to kill were killed.

Also in intelligence noted that the purpose of this visit of fighters was public relations. The Kadyrovites and Pushilin allegedly wanted to know the video in the bombed-out Lyman. They had to shout something about ahmat, their favorite phrase, from which they had already made memes. They wanted to show the leader of the Donetsk militants how they "liberated" the city and communicate with local quilters and traitors.

What is known about Dimayev

Zaur Dimayev was the deputy commander of the fourth battalion of the Akhmat Kadyrov special regiment. He and other Kadyrov members of the special regiment were in the Zaporizhia direction. His death has haunted him in recent days. After all, on May 31, he and the rest of the invaders were driving a UAZ "Patriot" and came under artillery fire in Komyshuvas.

There were also reports that two Chechen police officers were among the dead in the Ukrainian military fire, and four others were injured. The driver of their SUV also became a cargo of 200.

Kadyrovites at war in Ukraine

  • It was these representatives of the Russian occupation forces who intimidated Ukraine from the very beginning. Allegedly, they are particularly cruel. In fact, most of them prove that they came here not to fight, but to shoot a video in a tic-talk, looting and instilling fear. We laugh at them and call them tic-talk troops. Moreover, they became so enamored that they began to steal even the Russian military.

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